Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer

Help on Channel 4: Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer have worked together before

She credits him with the stellar career she has today

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Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer team up in Channel 4’s new feature film Help – but they have worked together before.

They are both award-winning actors, famed for their accents – and are both Scousers!

Here’s everything you need to know!

Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer in Help
Stephen Graham stars as Tony, opposite Jodie Comer’s Sarah in Help (Credit: Channel 4)

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Have Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham worked together before?

Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham HAVE worked together before.

However, it was only a brief overlap.

The pair appeared together in the 2012 TV series Good Cop.

Stephen portrayed Noel Finch for four episodes during series one.

Meanwhile, Jodie played Amy in episode one.

Their meeting was not a pleasant one – on-screen at least!

Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer in Good Cop

Good Cop was a BBC One police procedural series shown in 2012 which starred Warren Brown in the leading role.

In the first episode, Jodie played a waitress who was sexually harassed and nearly assaulted in a toilet cubicle by Stephen Graham’s character Noel.

Noel portrayed a thuggish criminal, who soon came to a sorry end.

Jodie Comer Stephen Graham
Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham starred together in Good Cop (Credit: BBC)

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What has Jodie said about Stephen?

The Killing Eve star believes Stephen Graham is the reason she has a successful career.

The actress previously gave Stephen a shout-out in her BAFTA TV award speech.

She said: “I want to take this moment to thank Stephen Graham.

“If I didn’t owe you a pint before, then I do now. Thank you for the generosity you showed me all those years ago.”

She has also thanked the Line of Duty star for encouraging her NOT to lose her Scouse accent.

Jodie has also revealed that Stephen was active in helping her climb the career ladder.

The reason? He introduced her to his agent Jane Epstein!

Appearing on The One Show earlier this month Stephen said: “We worked together and no matter what I think, her trajectory would have gone where it is today.

“I just gave her a gentle little helping hand and I had a word with my agent Jane, lovely Jane.

“Jane met Jodie and the two hit it off and the rest is kind of history.”

Meanwhile Jodie says: “I always felt like Steve was kind of a guardian angel for me.

“He’s very kind saying he believes I would have got where I am without him, but I just don’t think that’s the case.

“I think it takes nothing to be kind, and he did something that has changed the course of my life.”

Jodie and Stephen: Help on C4

Stephen Graham, 48, stars as Tony in Channel 4‘s moving drama Help.

Tony is by far the youngest resident in the Liverpool care home as a result of his early on-set Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

The character of Tony is only 47 and his condition causes periods of confusion and violent outbursts.

There are heartbreaking scenes when he remembers his beloved mother is dead.

Jodie stars as Sarah, the carer who works with Tony and tries to help him.

Watch Help on Thursday September 16 2021 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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