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Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance viewers slam ‘worst ever’ quiz show contestants

The show's first episode wasn't a huge hit with viewers

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Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance returns tonight (February 25) at 9pm and viewers all appear to be hoping for the same thing.

All they want is contestants who are a teeny bit more intelligent.

On last night’s Bank Balance, viewers watched as siblings Tosin and Tobi left with nothing after the blocks came crashing down.

Vicki and Lindsey were next up and it’s the ladies that we join as the show opens tonight.

So will they win big or will they go home with nothing? Those at home appear to be predicting the latter.

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance is back for a second night tonight (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance last night?

A lot of viewers revealed they wouldn’t be tuning in again because the contestants were “annoying”.

One even asked where the BBC had found them.

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Posting on Twitter, one viewer commented: “Bank Balance is an hour of my life I will never get back.

“The auditions must have asked for annoying, loud, talk a lot about nothing in particular. I’m off now to take some paracetamol.”

Do the BBC purposely get thick contestants so they never give out any prize money?

Another said: “Can’t take this any more. The concept is okay but it’s taking far too long and the contestants so far…. jeez. I’m out.”

A third said it was an “okay idea”, however, they added: “But very annoying and definitely not the brightest contestants, very noisy programme and really don’t get why it is prime-time viewing.”

tosin and tobi
Tosin and Tobi proved controversial with viewers (Credit: BBC)

‘Where do they get these contestants from?’

Others were more, ahem, to the point.

“Oh my god they picked the worst contestants I’ve ever seen on a quiz show,” said one.

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“Where do they get these contestants from? Good enough concept but unlikeable people!” said another.

“Do the BBC purposely get thick contestants so they never give out any prize money?” another asked.

“When auditioning for this show did they only take contestants who ticked the I am thick and I am annoying boxes?” said another.

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Vicki and Lindsey return to finish their game tonight (Credit: BBC)

‘Get some intelligent contestants soon’

Others pleaded with the show to get “intelligent contestants soon”.

They posted: “Please tell me you get intelligent contestants soon…”

Host Gordon clearly seemed to agree that the contestants needed to up their game.

At one point, he was heard telling Vicki and Lindsey: “Get your [bleep] together!”

They had previously revealed that they thought Queen Victoria was one of the people who currently features on a Bank of England banknote.

They also incorrectly answered that Atlanta was a state during one round.

However, some were full of praise for the ladies and said they were playing a “good tactical game”.

Tune in to BBC One at 9pm tonight to see how they get on!

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