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Gordon Ramsay quiz Bank Balance branded ‘worst game show ever’ as viewers ‘switch off’

'Stick to food,' chef is told by viewers

Gordon Ramsay fronted his new game show Bank Balance last night (February 24) and it’s fair to say viewers were less than impressed.

In fact, some branded it the “worst game show ever”, while others went one step further and said it was the “worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV”.

Chef Ramsay is yet to respond to any of the negative comments that surfaced on Twitter.

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Gordon Ramsay’s new game show Bank Balance didn’t get the best reception from viewers (Credit: BBC)

Bank Balance branded ‘worst game show ever’

It appears viewers much prefer Gordon’s cooking series than his new quiz show, Bank Balance.

Taking to Twitter as the show aired, a host of users took to the site to share their verdict.

And it can’t have been easy reading for Gordon.

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“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV,” declared one disgruntled viewer.

“This is the worst TV show ever. I’m going to need some counselling after the show,” said a second.

“That is one of the worst things I’ve ever witnessed. And not just on TV,” said a third.

“Gordon Ramsay #BankBalance is the worst game show since Kilroy did Shafted in the early 90s,” said another.

I’ve turned over already, stick to food.

“Gordon is a world-class chef, but he has no rapport with the contestants,” they added.

Another commented: “Oh my goodnesses this the worst game show ever! Come back tomorrow? No thanks, it’s boring and stupid and takes forever.”

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“This has to be possibly the worst TV game show of all time. It’s an embarrassing waste of TV licence payer’s money,” another stated.

“Is #BankBalance the worst quiz show ever what a waste of #taxpayers money,” another agreed.

“@GordonRamsay I bet you regret agreeing to host. The worst show I have seen in years. It’s possibly the worst “game show” ever!… What were @BBCOne thinking?” another asked.

@GordonRamsay stick to cooking,” said another.

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Tosin and Tobi were the first contestants on the new show (Credit: BBC)

Viewers ‘switch off’ new Gordon Ramsay game show

Some BBC viewers didn’t make it to the end of the first episode, it appears.

“*switches off* #BankBalance,” declared one.

“I’ve just switched off #BankBalance. Two of the most annoying contestants in the world and charmless Ramsay in charge… Give me The Chase any day!” said a second.

“Had enough already – switching off this [bleep]!” declared a third.

“Bank Balance nope,” said another. “Not getting any better and @GordonRamsay is no game show host. Switched off.”

“I’ve turned over already, stick to food,” said another.

Another commented: “#BankBalance an hour of my life i will never get back. The auditions must of asked for annoying, loud, talk a lot about nothing in particular. I’m off now to take some paracetamol.”

gordon Ramsay's bank balance
Bank Balance is back tonight and tomorrow night (Credit: BBC)

Did anyone like it?

Some viewers did like it and were keen to tune into tonight’s episode.

“Loving it, brilliant,” said one fan of the show.

Another commented: “Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

A third said: “Looks like you’ve done it again chef,” adding the thumbs up emoji.

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