Gordon Ramsay's Bank Balance game show

Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance: Game show contestants slammed by fans

The show has aired all week

Gordon Ramsay’s game show Bank Balance has left viewers very divided this week.

The celebrity chef has delved into the world of game shows to host the BBC programme.

However, not everybody is keen on the new show and following last night’s episode, viewers are complaining about the contestants.

Bank Balance Game Show contestants
Some Bank Balance viewers haven’t liked the contestants (Credit: BBC)

Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance: Viewers unimpressed with contestants on game show

Last night saw contestants Kate and Jonathan play for cash as well as brothers Kurt and Eren.

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Unfortunately, Kate and Jonathan didn’t win any cash after the blocks came crashing down.

Kate told Jonathan: “That’s a bit disappointing really. I won’t have a go at your darling, it’s perfectly fine.”

Bank Balance contestants
Eren and Kurt went home with £9,000 (Credit: BBC)

Next up was Kurt and Eren and after a strong round, they went home with £9,000 despite their blocks falling at the last minute.

The brothers decided to split the money to take home £4,500 each.

Despite the tense rounds, some viewers are fed up with the contestants.

One person said on Twitter: “Pretty sure #BankBalance found the most annoying contestants for any quiz show ever…”

Another wrote: “Enjoying this show, but the contestants are super annoying, the solicitor being the absolute worse one up to now, unreal how much I shouted at my TV at her!”

Bank Balance Gordon Ramsay
The show has received a mixed response from viewers (Credit: BBC)

What did Bank Balance viewers say?

A third added: “The show is fine but why are the contestants just so not likeable at all, not every quiz show has contestants like this.

“At least next week some of them they at least seem to have a better strategy.”

However, others loved the episode and praised host Gordon.

One person tweeted: “I have finally got a Twitter so I can finally say I LOVE LOVE LOVE BANK BALANCE!

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“Some people don’t know what they’re doing though.”

Another wrote: “@GordonRamsay This is the best Quiz game show I’ve seen in years.

“About time we have something decent on to watch during the week superb. Love it !!!! Brilliant.”

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