Nicky Clarke on Good Morning Britain Credit: ITV

Good Morning Britain: Nicky Clarke charging extra for PPE and viewers aren’t impressed

The celebrity hairdresser says the charge is 'nominal'

Good Morning Britain interviewed Nicky Clarke today and the celebrity hairdresser angered viewers by revealing he is charging extra for PPE at his salons.

The topic up for discussion was whether businesses charging extra as a result of COVID-19 is fair.

Spa owner Tru Powell was against the idea and told Thursday’s GMB hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins, he wouldn’t be imposing charges on his clients.

Good Morning Britain COVID charges debate ITV
Businesses are putting up costs to cover PPE charges (Credit: ITV)

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Good Morning Britain discusses COVID-19 charges

“I understand the challenges that all businesses face,” he said. “I also understand we need to get the economy back up and running, but I don’t think the cost for the customer should bear the brunt of that.”

He continued: “I absolutely think it should be landed at the government’s door and they need to suport businesses. If we as businesses have paid out on PPE then actually the government need to be issuing PPE grants, they need to reduce the distancing rules because that would affect a lot of businesses.”

He also added that the customer was already “inconvenienced enough” without adding this extra pressure.

“With our salon, we no longer can have walk-ins, the customers have to make appointments, they have to pay deposits, another inconvenience for them. When they get to our salon their temperature is tested, another inconveience. When they have to sanitise their hands, they’re treated by staff members with PPE on which causes a disconnect in some way and then after all those inconveniences we’re then saying ‘well actually we also want to charge another £5 for the services’.

“At some point we need to treat customers how we expect to be treated. I am a business owner and I understand the struggle, but I’m also a customer and it doesn’t sit right with me, so I wouldn’t impose that on my customers.”

Nicky Clark GMB ITV
Hairdresser Nicky Clarke feels COVID-19 charges are fair (Credit: ITV)

Nicky Clarke tells Good Morning Britain his point of view

Nicky then stated his case, and although he agreed with Tru, he felt uncomfortable with it, he believes it’s was the right thing to do.

“I think there are times when it didn’t necessarily sit right with me at the beginning,” Nicky said.

“But this was always a trial in a sense, we don’t want to be doing it, but not one person has said anything at all. Nobody actually thinks it’s unfair.

“So, I totally get when Tru says he’s a customer as well. I don’t want to be doing these charges, but these are strange circumstances, unprecedented circumstances, so I think as long as it is a nominal charge, and you’re not charging more for your services, I think from that point of view I have to agree some form of charge needs to be there in order for all of these businesses to survive.”

He also challenged the fact that he runs a ‘high end’ business and therefore should not need to implement these charges.

“It’s very much the case people always think the higher end businesses are rolling in it. We all run relatively close to the wind and having a massive reduction in the people we are doing puts a real strain on our business, on all businesses.”

Good Morning Britain COVID charges debate Credit: ITV
Some businesses are charging extra due to COVID-19 (Credit: ITV)

Whose side were Good Morning Britain viewers on?

However, those watching at home were not at all convinced by Nicky’s argument and immediately called him out on Twitter.

Did anyone agree with Nicky Clarke?

There was one voice who agreed with Nicky’s point of view.

They said you should get charged as keeping everyone safe is mandatory.

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