Gogglebox's Sophie and Pete could barely look

Gogglebox: Ingrown toenail removal scenes leave viewers and stars horrified

Scenes showing emergency treatment had everyone shrieking

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Gogglebox viewers had to avert their eyes last night (Friday, November 27) after graphic scenes showing ingrown toenail removal aired.

Many fans admitted on social media they were left queasy by the sight of severely infected toes on Channel 4.

And both viewers and Gogglebox stars could barely look as they watched highlights from chiropodist web series The Toe Bro.

“Cut off the toe,” insisted Tom Malone Jr as his dad asked incredulously: “What the [bleep] has gone on there?

Jenny and Lee are revolted
The sight of the infected toenails was too much for Gogglebox’s Jenny and Lee (Credit: Channel4.com)

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Ellie Warner likened the look of the afflicted toes to a crisp, while Pete Sandiford suggested the mangled digits had been “steamrollered”.

Giles Wood hid his eyes behind a sheet of paper and was given a ticking off by wife Mary Killen for being “too wimpy”.

He’s literally going at that toe with a hammer and chisel.

Lee Riley, meanwhile, correctly noted to his pal Jenny Newby: “You couldn’t wear flip flops, could you?”

But the Goggleboxers really began to shriek with revulsion when shown brutal emergency treatment.

Malones were not impressed
The Gogglebox stars couldn’t believe what they were watching (Credit: Channel4.com)

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Gogglebox stars couldn’t believe what they were seeing

The procedure involved removing the source of the infection – and an entire, jagged-edged nail.

And in a hard-to-watch moment, flesh around the nail also had to go.

Stephen Webb admitted: “I don’t know what to do – shut my eyes or close my ears.”

And Louis Michael exclaimed: “Oh my God, he’s literally going at that toe with a hammer and chisel.”

Viewers reacted with disbelief

Shocked viewers couldn’t believe the state of the toes either.

“This Toe Bro might genuinely be the most horrific thing I have ever seen #Gogglebox,” tweeted one social media user.

Gogglebox stars did not like watching ingrown toenails
Gogglebox stars could barely watch (Credit: Channel4.com)

Another wrote: “The Toe Bro is possibly one of the vilest things I’ve ever witnessed on TV #Gogglebox.”

“That ingrown toenail nearly made me throw up… #Gogglebox,” a third added.

And a fourth person admitted: “Right, since The Toe Bro came on I haven’t been able to look at the screen. Hearing it all is enough to turn my stomach.”

One viewer even suggested the show had gone too far by broadcasting the footage.

They complained: “Gogglebox should NOT show disgusting toenails being taken off without warning.”

– Gogglebox airs on Friday nights on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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