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Gogglebox 2021: Viewers fume as stars criticise Meghan and Harry

Oh dear!

Gogglebox 2021 viewers were left reeling on Friday night as several of its stars appeared to mock Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

The Channel 4 hit showed a clip from James Corden’s interview with the Duke of Sussex.

And a fair few of some of Gogglebox’s most beloved stars took the opportunity to take savage swipes at both Harry and his wife Meghan.

Sophie Sandiford predicted that if the former senior royals ever return to the UK – they’ll be relegated to a Flog It appearance.

She joked: “You know what? If they ever come back to the UK they’ll be on Flog It with matching fleeces.”

gogglebox channel 4
Prince Harry and James Corden on a double decker bus (Credit: Channel 4)

She added: “Auctioning off paintings from Frogmore!”

Meanwhile, her brother Pete quipped: “They’ll be doing Taco Bell ads next! Aren’t they on Oprah next week?!”

Elsewhere, sisters Ellie and Izzi appeared less than impressed when Harry and James explored the original Fresh Prince of Bel Air house.

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Ellie said: “This is actually a bit cringey!”

And Stephen Webb was visibly annoyed when Meghan called Harry ‘Haz’ during their video call.

gogglebox channel 4
Stephen appeared less than impressed (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Stephen Webb say on Gogglebox 2021?

Rolling his eyes, he said: “Oh she had to change his name didn’t she? That ain’t Haz. That’s Harry.”

And the Malones took offence to Harry saying that Meghan told the Queen baby Archie would like a waffle maker for Christmas.

Julie remarked: “That’s a bit strange? Why would you say your child wants a waffle maker?”

In addition, the Siddiquis took a particularly savage swipe over the device.

Umar quipped: “So was this waffle maker an actual person? ‘I am here just to make your waffles.'”

Izzi even swore at the TV with: “[Expletive] off with your organic waffles! Just have normal waffles like everyone else.”

sisters on gogglebox
The sisters appeared irritated by Harry (Credit: Channel 4)

How did Gogglebox viewers respond?

Although some viewers found humour in their observations about The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, many took offence.

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One exasperated viewer tweeted: “Why is it so hard for people to accept that Harry & Meghan are just humans but obviously they are still wealthy, course they’ll have organic waffles – I would! #gogglebox.”

A second viewer ranted: “Watching the Harry & Meghan bit on #gogglebox and that [bleep] from Brighton is all ‘errr she ‘ad to change ‘is name didn’t she, ‘es not Az ‘es arry.’

prince harry and meghan markle
Harry and Meghan on their upcoming Oprah Winfrey interview (Credit: CBS/Harpo Productions)

“Firstly… it’s Harry, secondly his actual name is Henry and thirdly that’s his wife she can call him whatever she wants.”

And a third viewer complained: “Why is everyone so down on Harry & Meghan??”

A fourth user fumed: “WTAF is wrong with organic waffles? Loads of people eat organic food. People literally love to hate Harry and Meghan for nothing. If he’d said Archie eats coco pops every morning that would be wrong too. #Gogglebox.”

And a fifth user argued: “The two sisters on Gogglebox are definitely Meghan Markle haters, make it less obvious next time lol #Gogglebox.”

However, others found their comments funny.

Another wrote: “I’d love to see Harry and Meghan do Flog It,” followed by a laughing face emoji.

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