GMB viewers outraged over debate about Brits scrapping Happy Christmas for Happy Holidays to be more inclusive

Viewers weren't happy

A Christmas debate on GMB this morning (Wednesday December 1) got viewers into a lather.

They reacted to the idea at the idea of scrapping the phrase ‘Happy Christmas’ for ‘Happy Holidays’.

The European Commission suggested the American-style phrase to make it more inclusive.

However, this idea did not go down well with viewers.

GMB viewers were outraged at a discussion about changing Happy Christmas to Happy Holidays
The Christmas discussion on GMB this morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened in the Christmas discussion on GMB?

Hosts Susanna Reid and Rob Rinder welcomed human rights barrister Adam Wagner and Dr Rakib Ehsan.

Mr Wagner said: “I have no issue with Happy Christmas, actually, and I don’t think anything should be banned.

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Subsequently, he added: “I’m Jewish and I don’t celebrate Christmas.

“We don’t have a Christmas tree and a lot of other people in the country don’t celebrate Christmas, although most people do.

“When we have these conversations, it really should be more about ‘how can we be more inclusive?’.

GMB viewers were outraged at a discussion about changing Happy Christmas to Happy Holidays
Susanna led the discussion (Credit: ITV)

No evidence of ‘Christmas’ being insensitive

Meanwhile, Dr Ehsan then said: “There’s far too much American-style divisiveness being imported into the UK.

“Within our own country, we had cabinet-office officials essentially advising ministers not to use the word ‘Christmas’ in its public health messaging…

“…because it could potentially offend minority religions.

“There’s no evidence of that.

“No polling showing that non-Christians find the term Christmas offensive.”

At the end of the discussion, Ranvir Singh explained that as a Sikh growing up her family didn’t have a Christmas tree.

But she and her family did “eat and drink and did everything else everyone else did”.

How did viewers react?

Viewers expressed their outrage at the notion of introducting the inclusive phrase.

One said: “#GMB is happy Christmas insensitive??? Oh dear god STOP!!! WHAT A SCROOGE!”

Additionally, another fumed: “#GMB just seen the ‘is Happy Christmas insensitive?’

“Oh dear.., what next? No one is forced to celebrate Christmas?

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“Other religions rightly celebrate other religious festivals.

“Can we please not try and get people bent out of shape on topics like this! Live and let live.”

Furthermore, a third said: “#gmb is happy Christmas insensitive?

“Definitely not, mine and my partner’s family all celebrate Christmas.

“I don’t I celebrate Yule but I’ll still say merry Christmas to them and vice versa.”

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