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GMB: Kate Garraway clashes with London restaurant owner in coronavirus debate

He said that virus spikes weren't linked to restaurants

GMB host Kate Garraway clashed with a restaurant owner during a coronavirus debate on today’s show (Monday October 19).

The presenter, 53, and London restaurant owner Andy Jones argued when they spoke about the pandemic.

What did Kate Garraway say on GMB?

Kate and co-host Ranvir Singh were joined by Andy, Dr Amir Khan and Professor Susan Michie to discuss local lockdowns and the benefits of a wider ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown.

When it was Andy’s turn to speak, he didn’t hold back.

“We’re being blamed all the time,” he said.

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“The 10pm curfew has wiped out so many jobs and wiped out so much revenue.

“When is this going to stop? When are we going to stop being blamed for everything that’s going on?”

coronavirus row good morning britain
Restuarant owner Andy was furious on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did Andy say on GMB?

Andy continued: “When we opened on July 4 I didn’t notice a spike [in cases].”

That’s when Kate became involved.

“First of all, that it takes two weeks or longer,” she said.

There is evidence – you’re not being blamed… there is evidence.

“There is evidence – you’re not being blamed… there is evidence.”

“The aim is to reduce places where people intermingle and unfortunately… the hospitality industry does operate in a situation where people need to mingle.”

coronavirus row good morning britain
Andy argued his case and clashed with Kate Garraway (Credit: ITV)

When one of the experts said that the government needs to have a good package of support, Andy hit back.

“Where’s the money coming from,” he fumed.

He also added: “Our sales were down this weekend 35 per cent from the weekend before on exactly the same wage costs.

“That is not sustainable to keep a business going.”

Kate Ranvir Good Morning Britain
Kate Garraway hosted with Ranvir Singh (Credit: ITV)

Why did GMB viewers say?

Lots of viewers rushed to respond to the debate over on Twitter.

One said: “Understand your passion, but don’t agree with your stance.

“Recessions and downturns happen, businesses close, people lose jobs… you struggle, reset, rebuild.

“The dead stay dead. Circuit break, reset test and trace, and keep NHS working for Covid and other conditions. Lives first.”

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Another said: “We know a national lockdown isn’t needed and thankfully I don’t think Boris wants to do that.

“Several areas of the UK have tiny threats to health due to Covid, so they should all go back to a pretty much normal existence.”

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