GMB viewers slam show over 'constant' coverage of Boris Johnson as they 'switch off'

GMB viewers blast show over coverage of Boris Johnson

Accused of 'going on and on' about PM

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GMB viewers unhappy with news coverage about the Prime Minister Boris Johnson have threatened to ‘switch off’.

Some people watching the ITV breakfast show this morning (Tuesday January 25) did not want to hear any more about a reported birthday bash held for the PM.

The latest instalment in the ‘partygate’ saga concerns an alleged gathering with birthday cake during the first lockdown. It was first revealed last night.

Some of those objecting to the issue being covered claimed ‘there are other things happening in the world’. But others noted how deeply affected they are by the matter, reflecting on how they stuck to the rules at the time.

There are some GMB viewers who don't think Boris Johnson and what he does is news
There are some GMB viewers who don’t think Boris Johnson and what he does is news (Credit: GMB Twitter)

GMB viewers object to Boris Johnson coverage

One upset viewer tweeted they’d heard enough because it brought back painful memories.

They wrote: “@GMB sick of hearing about Boris’ parties.

“Just a constant reminder of all the times I missed out on with my grandad and not giving him the send off he truly deserved.”

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However, someone else claimed they were ‘sick’ of it because they felt the PM’s reported behaviour ‘isn’t proper news’.

They tweeted: “Seriously @GMB I am sick listening to you over Boris.

“Get a life and bring some proper news. I’m ready to switch off again. Find something else to bring us.”

Boris Johnson coverage on GMB todaysh for Boris Johnson - was reported about last night
A new ‘party’ – allegedly a birthday bash for Boris Johnson – was reported about last night (Credit: ITV News YouTube)

‘Going on and on’

Another exasperated social media user felt other subjects should be prioritised.

They tweeted: “Why is #GMB going on and on about Boris?

Boris Johnson coverage on GMB today
A letter from the PM sent to a young girl about celebrating during lockdown (Credit: GMB Twitter)

“For goodness sake, we are on the brink of war in Ukraine. The price of gas went up massively yesterday which means it will impact on us and our ability to heat our homes. The cost of living crisis needs talking about.”

Minutes later they indicated other broadcasters were following a similar news agenda and not reporting in line with their earlier post.

Why is GMB going on and on about Boris Johnson?

Apparently that was enough to make them stop watching telly.

They continued: “Tried the BBC. Then to #GMB and then to #SkyNews. Nothing on Ukraine, just Boris.

“Switched the TV off after that.”

And it seems at least one other morning TV viewer agreed with them. However, they aimed their frustration at GB News while simultaneously claimed GMB ‘bashes’ the PM.

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“There are a lot of things happening in the world, and all @GBNews can do is repeat the dribble,” they claimed.

“If I wanted continuous Boris bashing I would watch #GMB.”

Another told the show: “What have you to gain by constantly going on about him? I switched you off.”

However, others enjoyed the coverage and debated the issue on Twitter.

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