gogglebox giles and Mary

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox: Viewers divided over Giles’ ‘brutal’ put down of wife Mary

It came as they were watching a show about a dying octopus!

Giles and Mary had Gogglebox viewers torn last night (May 7) after a cheeky quip he made at his wife’s expense.

The joke came when the couple were watching Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher.

The show featured a man who became unusually close to the eight-limbed mollusc.

However, the show saw the octopus sadly die after it had given birth.

gogglebox giles and Mary
Giles made a cheeky jibe at wife Mary’s expense on Gogglebox last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Giles and Mary on Gogglebox last night?

While watching My Octopus Teacher, Giles made a cheeky jibe at Mary.

Some thought it was hilarious, others thought the quip was a “bit brutal”.

With the octopus slowly dying on screen, Lee explained: “So you have sex, have baby and then pop your clogs.”

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Giles and Mary then popped up on screen.

“She’s served her purpose,” Giles said.

“Oh that’s sad though,” said Mary.

“And yet you’re still alive,” he quipped.

How did viewers react to the scene?

Viewers were divided.

One Gogglebox viewer said: “Bit brutal Giles!”

Another agreed: “FFS Giles. ‘She’s served her purpose, yet you’re still alive!'”

“OMG Giles,” another declared.

“Savage!” said another.

However, Twitter was also flooded with the crying with laugher emojis, who took the comment as one made in jest.

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“He’s hilarious!” said one, before suggesting that perhaps it was Mary getting her comeuppance.

FFS Giles. ‘She’s served her purpose, yet you’re still alive!’

“Mary went through a phase of being really mean to him a while ago – glad she’s out of it now,” they added.

OMG Giles – I’m dead!” laughed another.

“‘She’s served her purpose!'” said another, adding three crying with laughter emojis.

Do Giles and Mary have kids?

As Giles suggested, it could be argued that Mary has “served her purpose”.

Earlier this week, the pair shared a picture of their two daughters.

The black-and-white throwback shot showed the couple with the girls, who have never been seen before.

One fan posted: “Great pic, didn’t know they had daughters!”

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