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Monday 25th May 2020

First Dates viewers slam hopeful's "evil" scratchcard prank

Risky pranking someone on a first date!

First Dates brought together two hopefuls called Georgia on last night's show (April 16th), and as if that wasn't enough, they already knew each other!

The pair said hello with a somewhat awkward hug and revealed, when they sat down and a waiter asked about their connection: "She kind of dated my niece. My sister's 40."

Georgia said the other Georgia dated her niece (Credit: Channel 4)

At that, the other Georgia clarified: "We didn't date, we just had a 'thing'."

The Georgias seemed to hit it off, despite their awkward connection (Credit: Channel 4)

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The two Georgias really hit it off, sharing a natural chemistry that quickly put them both at ease.

Things got a bit weird though when one Georgia gave the other a scratchcard that appeared to be a winner - for £100,000!

Unfortunately for that Georgia, it turned out to be nothing more than a cruel prank, as the scratchcard was a fake.

Her face when she found out it was fake (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers on Twitter reacted to the trick with disbelief and slammed that Georgia for being so mean.

One wrote: "Honestly, I would've binned off anyone who pulled that fake scratchcard gag #FirstDates."

Another said: "I really fell for that scratchcard win of £100k. Finding out it was fake, I'd just walk out on my date just from sheer disappointment of all the things I can't buy with no £100k lol #FirstDates."

Hahahaha that's 10000% a FAKE scratchcard.

A third wrote: "Fake scratchcard... Scratch her eyes out Georgia!"

Someone else tweeted: "What the actual?! I hope that's not a fake scratchcard... that would be an evil thing to do! #FirstDates."

But some found the prank hilarious and poked fun at other viewers for falling for it.

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One said: "Hahahaha that's 10000% a FAKE scratchcard."

A second tweeted alongside a crying-laughing emoji: "Imagine giving someone a fake scratchcard on a date, how'd you react! #FirstDates"

Another commented: "Seriously, that girl just won £100,000 on a £1 scratchcard from her date on #FirstDates? I'd be asking her to go halvers... and on the bill."

- First Dates is on again next Tuesday (April 23rd) at 10pm on Channel 4

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