Fans hungry for more GBBO following release of trailer

The new teaser has impressed viewers

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Fans have been given a first glimpse of the new series which is set to return later this summer.

And the surreal new trailer which dropped yesterday does not disappoint.

Veteran judge Paul Hollywood is transformed into a God-like creature!

Oil painting of Paul Hollywood in new GBBO trailer
Paul Hollywood is worshipped as the God (of breadmaking) in the new GBBO trailer

In the bizarre first look – backed by The Beatles song All Together Now – an aspiring baker prays to a painting of the 53-year-old, who is worshipped as the God of breadmaking.

She then gasps as Paul’s hand reaches out to share his baking wisdom.

Two people are also seen fencing with baguettes in front of a drag queen while an elderly woman relaxes in a cup of tea.

The clip then features school children eating a giant flatbread before cutting to the quirky scene of an egg and milk carton skipping with a silver whisk and oven.

Paul is later joined by co-hosts Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig as singing cupcakes.

Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig as singing cupcakes in new GBBO trailer
The judges and hosts of GBBO in bun form (Credit: Channel 4)

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Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster also makes an appearance in the trailer during a cookie eating competition.

Sesame Street Cookie Monster in new GBBO trailer
Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster even appears (Credit: Channel 4)

Many took to Twitter to express their joy for the strange yet genius creation.

Chris Townsend said: “Visually stunning work from 4Creative – a true GBBO showstopper.”

“Genius new GBBO advert. Makes me, dare I say, happy to be British?” said Jo Hall.

And it seems to have created hype for the upcoming show.

One loyal fan said: “What’s that coming over the hill? It’s MY Love Island,” while another simply screamed: “YES!”

“Hurrah – some good news in the midst of all this doom and gloom,” said Karen Robertson.

While most are excited for the return of GBBO, one puzzled fan on Twitter said: “Bake Off is a lovely show where people make lovely cakes and are lovely to each other.

“This trailer seems to depict a hellish landscape where baking ingredients are scarce, women are randomly pied in the face, and miners forced to stand in an oven.”

The 2018 series saw research scientist Rahul Mandal crowned winner after his doughnuts and ‘edible landscape’ impressed the judges.

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The start date for the latest series is to be confirmed.

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