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Family Fortunes: Viewers in love with ‘beauty’ contestant Micaela

She was part of the Phillips family from Bristol

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Family Fortunes had viewers swooning last night over ‘fit’ contestant Micaela.

During Sunday (October 11) evening’s episode of the popular ITV game show, Micaela Phillips from Bristol was on with her mum Enza, dad Stuart and sisters Sophia and Alessandra.

“We all work for the NHS,” Micaela explained. “Sophia and I are healthcare assistants and Alessandra is a midwife.”

Micaela on Family Fortunes
Micaela and the Phillips family on Family Fortunes (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Micaela during last night’s Family Fortunes?

Praising Enza and Stuart’s daughters in the studio, host Gino D’Acampo said: “You have triplets. They have grown to be three amazing, beautiful girls. Bellissima! Bellissima!”

The Phillips were playing against the Buckley family from Bury in Greater Manchester – mum Lynn, her daughter Shaunnie, son-in-law Lewis, son Chris and his husband, Kean.

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At the end of the episode the Phillips family won the main game; therefore Enza and Micaela got to play in the Big Money round.

Micaela on Family Fortunes
Viewers loved ‘beauty’ Micaela (Credit: ITV)

“This is daunting,” Micaela said as she prepared herself.

“Am I making you nervous?” Gino joked.

“It’s those big blue eyes, Gino,” she told him.

Micaela on Family Fortunes
She works as a healthcare assistant for the NHS (Credit: ITV)

Micaela scored 119, meaning they needed 81 points from Enza.

However, the mum stumbled on one of the questions when she failed to think of an animal that begins with the letter M. That’s despite feeling confident.

They have grown to be three amazing, beautiful girls. Bellissima!

“It’s your eyes, Gino,” the mum confessed, following Micaela’s joke earlier.

The presenter laughed: “Why is everybody blaming my eyes now? Next time I will wear sunglasses.”

The family went on to win £10,000.

Gino D'Acampo on Family Fortunes
Micaela and her mum Enza joked that Gino’s eyes distracted them (Credit: ITV)

What did Family Fortunes viewers say?

On Twitter, following the episode and while it aired, ITV viewers were bowled over by ‘beauty’ Micaela.

One tweeted, with a heart-eyes emoji: “#FamilyFortunes Micaela OMG.”

Another simply wrote, “Micaela” alongside a GIF of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson lowering his sunglasses.

A third, who was also taken by Micaela’s looks, called her “a beauty”.

“Micaela is so fit omg,” said another with a fire emoji.

Similarly, a fifth said: “More of Micaela is welcomed #FamilyFortunes.”

“Oh Micaela on #FamilyFortunes is a babe!” said another.

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“Mamma Mia! Micaela on #FamilyFortunes,” gushed one finally.

Another episode will air next Sunday (October 18) as the series continues at 8pm on ITV.

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