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Wednesday 29th January 2020

The Chase viewers believe contestant is hard done by after 'mistake' with question

Would you have got the 'correct' answer right?

Viewers of The Chase blasted the show for ending a contestant’s chances of making it to the final round - with many believing the quiz answer that sent him out of the game was inaccurate.

One fan claimed Alun from Cardiff was treated harshly after tripping up against Shaun Wallace, otherwise known by his show nickname of The Dark Destroyer.

Heating engineer Alun had bagged £7,000 for the group’s prize pot of cash and was just one right answer away from boosting their collective funds to £18,000 before his agonising slip.

However, his hopes were dashed when he settled on an answer he was not confident with, even though he felt he had a reply to the question posed to him.

Shaun Wallace got it right (Credit:

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Alun was asked: 'Which of these is the act of accidentally phoning someone when carrying a mobile phone in your back pocket?'

The options available as answers were given as: A) Butt dial B) Booty call or C) Bottom ring.

Only the Americans would use the term.

An unsure and unconvinced Alun plumped for B - but admitted he wouldn’t label it that himself.

"I normally call it a pocket dial, but [the option] wasn't up there," he protested.

Are you sure Alun? (Credit:

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When his answer was revealed to incorrect, even host Bradley Walsh admitted he had reservations over the proper answer - having "never heard" of the expression - but Chaser Shaun confirmed it be right.

Nonetheless, plenty of viewers took to social media to agree with Bradley and Alun and suggest the term was not familiar enough to British people for it to be an accurate answer.

"Since when was it called a butt dial? #thechase," tweeted one unaware person.

Another social media user objected: "It's not a butt dial. It's a bum dial. We aren't American... #TheChaseUK #TheChase."

A tense moment for Alun... (Credit:

And another echoed that though, tweeting: "Only the Americans would use the term "butt dial" #TheChase."

"Butt dial?? That’s harsh #TheChase," said another person in support of Alun.

However, there were many others who were surprised that neither Alun nor Bradley knew the phrasing.

"As if some guy on the chase got beaten by the chaser because he thought that the term butt dial was actually booty call," tweeted one person in disbelief.

Oh no! (Credit:

"Imagine not knowing the difference between a butt dial and a booty call #TheChase," agreed another.

A third asked: "How did he not know it’s butt dial?! #TheChase."

A fourth chuckled: "Booty Call? - I know what that is......and I'm surprised it's on a family show! 😂 #TheChase."

And yet another amused viewer remarked: "Oh bless Alun. No idea what a booty call is 😂 #TheChase."

Them's the breaks... although Bradley seemed sympathetic (Credit:

- The Chase airs on ITV on weekdays at 5pm

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