Rani and Jack from Educating Greater Manchester

Educating Greater Manchester: Trouble in paradise as Rani and Jack fall-out

Back in 2017 the Syrian boy was taken under a friendly Mancunian's wing

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Educating Greater Manchester returned to our screens and the latest episode saw trouble in paradise.

Rani and Jack were the friends whose bromance melted Britain’s hearts in 2017, as we saw the Syrian boy taken under a friendly Mancunian’s wing.

The pair of them even appeared on This Morning in 2017 to talk about their friendship.

So you’d never guess that trouble could brew between them – until this week.

But after a playfight goes wrong, the two year eight students are summoned to the student development centre.

Rani’s upset that Jack spilled fizzy drink all over him, while Jack is insistent that it was just a joke.

Rani and Jack from Educating Greater Manchester
Rani had moved to the UK from Syria and was struggling to make friends (Credit: ITV)

Rani complains: “It wasn’t a normal thing he’d do. He made me feel bad.” But Jack’s insistent that “I was just playing”.

By the end of the meeting, Jack is weeping into his hand in a corridor and the nation’s hearts are breaking.

Fortunately, it’s a brief hiccup, forgiveness happens and for the rest of the episode we’re back to their usual cuteness.

““He’s like superman,” insists Jack of Rani. “He’s always there”.

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What’s the history of Jack and Rani’s friendship?

The friends first appeaed in series one of the Channel 4 show.

Rani had not long moved to the moved to the UK from Syria and was struggling to make friends.

The language barrier meant that he struggled to understand other pupils, with some even bullying him for being an immigrant.

Enter Jack. “I can see it’s difficult for him because he can’t bond with other people”, he announced before inviting him to his house for pizza and chips.

He spent the series whispering test answers into his ear and adorably helping him integrate. And he did such a good job of bringing him out of his shell that Rani even learned a fine British tradition. He helped to draw rude graffiti in the dirt on a white van.

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What else happens in the episode?

Other incidents include a heartwarming election for head girl and boy. The former sees a tough choice between Melody, who wants to boost her confidence and Holly who wants to help as many students as she can.

A number of students are taught about parenthood by being given screaming plastic babies to look after. Even Mr Povey is roped in to help change nappies.

It’s not the most notable moment of the episode, though. That comes when he pretends to cut a student’s earphones in half to discourage pupils from wearing them.

“I’ve just cut a pair of headphones and I’ll do it again!” he shouts as he wanders the corridors.

Educating Greater Manchester continues every Tuesday at 9.15pm on Channel 4. 

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