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Educating Greater Manchester: Cheeky Jacob steals viewers’ hearts as he bonds with Mr Povey

The Year 7 pupil and headteacher both have autism

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Educating Greater Manchester pupil Jacob quickly became the star of the show in last night’s (Tuesday, November 3) opening episode as he swore is Spanish and described dyslexia as his superpower.

The cheeky Year 7 pupil giggled as he knew he’d used a swear word in front of all his class at Harrop Fold School in Salford.

Jacob Educating Greater Manchester
Pupil Jacob in Educating Greater Manchester will become a series favourite (Credit: Channel 4)

What does Spanish word ‘buta’ mean in Spanish?

Jacob looked angel-faced as he posed the question, asking what the word ‘buta’ (he meant ‘puta’) means and it is indeed very naughty. As well as meaning ‘prostitute’ it is also used as the equivalent of a very rude ‘God damn’!

So not something you want a roomful of 11-year-olds learning.

But while the teacher didn’t see the funny side, viewers quickly fell in love with Jacob as he revealed his vulnerable side and a charming sense of humour.

Jacob Educating Greater Manchester
There are many layers to young Jacob (Credit: Channel 4)

Educating Greater Manchester: Jacob reveals dyslexia struggle

Jacob went on to open up about his battle with dyslexia.

The Year 7 pupil said he doesn’t want people to think he is dumb because of the condition.

I can read a book, I read a few pages and then leave it for a bit and get back to it.

And he admitted he has only just started to improve his reading skills, but has vowed to overcome his struggles by himself.

In the episode, he struggled to pay attention in an English class, his worst subject, and put his head on the desk, then sang to himself as his teacher told him off.

Speaking directly to camera, Jacob explained: “I don’t like people thinking I’m dumb. I try and get on with it but I have got dyslexia.

“I don’t make a big deal out of it when I’ve spelt something wrong… don’t say it’s just because of my dyslexia and all that.

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“I have been offered these reading pens and all that but I don’t really want the help.

“I can get through it on my own.”

Then, in a heart-warming moment, Mr Povey confided that he too has dyslexia and Jacob’s eyes lit up as the headteacher assured the lad he could be whatever he wants to be.

Buoyed, Jacob did a presentation to his class and described his dyslexia as his superpower.

What did viewers say about Jacob?

Has Educating Greater Manchester been on before?

It sure has! The first series, set at the same school, aired in 2017. This second series was actually filmed back in 2018 but complications following the shock suspension of Mr Povey led to the delayed broadcast.

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