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Dragons’ Den episode six: What is a genetically personalised meal shake and where can I buy it?

Five brave entrepreneurs try their luck with the Dragons

Self-made millionaires Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies meet more plucky entrepreneurs who bravely pitch their business ideas – but what is a genetically personalised meal shake?

Pitches in episode six include an automated loft ladder and booze in a box – not to be used at the same time.

Here’s a run down of the pitches, without any spoilers!

Deborah Meaden wonders how the genetically personalised meal shake differs from vitamins on Dragons' Den
Deborah Meaden wonders how the genetically personalised meal shake differs from vitamins on Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den pitch: NGX – the world’s first genetically personalised meal shake

Management consultant-turned-entrepreneur Jeremy Poland pitches his genetically personalised meal shakes.

His company, NGX, claims to make the world’s first genetically personalised meal shakes, for optimising health and fitness goals.

Jeremy says his product is “totally revolutionary”.

He adds: “We are building the future of nutrition with revolutionary products that deliver exceptional results.”

The drawback, according to Sara Davies? “It tastes bloody awful.”

Jeremy wants £50,000 for a two and a half per cent state in his business.

Where can I buy NGX’s genetically personalised meal shake?

A two week starter pack costs £129.99, while a DNA nutrition test alone costs £99.99.

All packs are available here.

Dragons' Den plantable books
Dragons’ Den continues with episode six (Credit: BBC One)

So what is a genetically personalised meal shake?

Jeremy explains that “we are all genetically unique and we have unique dietary requirements”.

He adds: “Some of us can need up to 15 times our recommended daily amount of a nutrient.

“NGX conveniently blends up all of your personal required daily nutrients to hit your daily targets in a shake.”

The customer must provide a DNA swab from the inside of their cheek which is then studied and translated into the perfect meal shake.

Customers then must subscribe to the shake on a monthly basis and they cannot get the shake from anywhere else because it’s personalised.

It’s a “convenient meal replacement” if you want to skip a meal.

That’s us out!

Sara Davies enjoys a gin on the job (Credit: BBC One)
Sara Davies enjoys a gin on the job, and prefers it to the genetically personalised meal shake (Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den pitch: Micro-Bar Box Ltd

Next into the Den are husband and wife team Kate and Graham Darracott.

They are hoping their booze business will be an intoxicating proposition for the Dragons.

The Guildford-based married couple pitch their “fun” range of alcoholic gift box boxes Micro-Bar Box Ltd.

These are gift boxes full of cocktails, spirits and mixers.

They want £90,000 in return for a seven and a half per cent stake in their business.

Boxes range between £29 and £50.

The £50 box has seven miniature gins and five mixtures which would cost £25 if bought in the shop – although the packaging and experience helps explain the added cost.

Dragons’ Den pitch: Automated electrical loft ladder Loftomattic

Engineer Micheal Beard pitches his invention – an automated electrical loft ladder.

He demonstrates how you can “simply push the button and see the ladder extend and you can be in your loft in seconds”.

TechStep was started in Southam by Michael three years ago after he spent five years developing the innovative LOFTOMATTIC electric loft ladder which is now launching in Australia.

Even Peter Jones is impressed by the expanding electric loft ladder.

But will Michael get his desired £96,000 for five per cent?

Touker Suleyman attempts to navigate an escape room on Dragons' Den
Touker Suleyman attempts to navigate an escape room on Dragons’ Den (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den pitch: Virtual escape room business Trapped in the Web

Radio producer-turned-entrepreneur Dave Murphy pitches his online escape rooms Trapped in the Web.

He wants £30,000 for five per cent of his business.

Trapped in the Web promises to bring friends and family together with their series of online, virtual escape rooms.

They are designed to bring people together when they can’t be together in person.

Escape rooms include Space Race, The Missing, A Night at the Theatre and Cabin Fever.

To play, you have to crack the codes with clues and then navigate back and forth through various rooms in each theme to solve the puzzles to get you to the next section.

These might be questions based around maths puzzles, geography-based trivia or general knowledge, with varying levels of difficulty.

Experiences begin at £8.99.

Dragons’ Den pitch: Anti-nit products Nit-Nots

Last into the Den is Hertfordshire entrepreneur Eileen Hutchinson.

She has turned what is considered an embarrassing issue into a business opportunity.

The “head nit-picker” in her family claims that the current products on the market don’t work well enough, so she developed her own.

She pitches her headlice treatment and clinic NitNot, which she believes fills “a big gap in a massive market”.

Eileen believes her range of products are safe (free from toxic and flammable chemicals) AND actually work.

She opened the NitNot Head Lice Treatment Clinic in Hertfordshire.

The business sells an eco-friendly and ethical solution which promises to kill all head lice and eggs.

She wants £40,000 in return for a 20 per cent share.

Her aim is to roll out her clinics nationwide, as well as her licensed serum.

She currently sells her product on Amazon for £14.49.

Dragons’ Den continues with episode six on Thursday May 06 2021 at 8pm on BBC One.

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