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Dragons’ Den viewers call for a black dragon to be added to the cast

There's a 'blind spot' on the show that needs to be filled

Dragons’ Den viewers have called for a black dragon to be added to the cast of experts.

The comments come after Birmingham-based entrepreneur Kameese Davis secured a £50,000 investment in her vegan beauty company for people with textured and afro hair.

And her plea was so impassioned that it saw not only Kameese cry, but also viewers at home.

dragons den Deborah
It was a no from Deborah Meaden on last night’s show (Credit: BBC)

What happened on last night’s Dragons’ Den?

Last night (April 8), Kameese was looking for backing for her company, Nylah’s Naturals.

She was inspired to create the range for her daughter Nylah who has eczema and is sensitive to lots of hair care products currently on the market.

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Dragons’ Den viewers watched as an emotional Kameese pitched her business and outlined her expansion plans.

The other dragons have a huge blind spot with regards to black Britain – and they know it!

However, all but one dragon turned down her offer of a 20% stake in the business for a cash injection of £50,000.

Happily, Sara Davies swooped in to save the day, offering all the money for a 40% stake, that would go down to 30% if she got her investment back in 18 months.

dragons den hopeful
Kameese and her Nylah’s Naturals business won a £50k investment (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about Kameese’s win?

Although viewers were thrilled that she got her investment, they did point out that she wouldn’t have struggled to get it had the cast of dragons featured someone who understood the product more.

As such, there are calls for a new black dragon to join the cast.

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“Think it’s time we had a black dragon on the panel who understands the black pound,” said one viewer.

“The other dragons have a huge blind spot with regards to black Britain – and they know it!” declared another.

“Tonight’s episode was a good example as to why #dragonsden needs an African/Afro-Caribbean dragon.

“Nobody (except one dragon) seemed to understand the market for Ms Davis’ product. Yet they understand other unknown products?

“The market is huge,” said another.

“I completely agree,” said another viewer.

“Don’t know if you remember Catface hair extensions? They basically brushed off her business as being just for festivals and a tiny market.

“Don’t get why they’re so naive to how massive the beauty industry is to our culture,” another commented.

Sara Davies did invest in the business (Credit: BBC)

Dragons’ Den cast – who are the current dragons?

Currently, there are five dragons on the show.

They are Tej Lalvani, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Sara Davies and Touker Suleyman.

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