Olly Alexander Doctor Who

Doctor Who fans divided over news Olly Alexander is ‘on the verge’ of becoming next Time Lord

Some have accused the BBC of 'box ticking'

Olly Alexander is reportedly in final talks to become the new Doctor Who.

If he signs on the dotted line, the It’s A Sin favourite will become Doctor Who‘s first-ever gay Time Lord.

However, while many are entirely thrilled at the prospect of him taking over from Jodie Whittaker, others have accused the BBC of “box ticking”.

Olly Alexander Doctor Who
It’s A Sin star Olly Alexander is in the running to be the next Doctor Who, according to reports (Credit: Splash News)

So what’s the latest on Olly Alexander becoming the next Doctor Who?

A source told The Sun: “Olly is on the verge of being announced as the new Doctor. Negotiations are at an advanced stage.

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“He’s been heavily promoted for the role by Russell [T Davies] — who he’s worked closely with on other projects. Russell was impressed with his work and felt he was a great fit for the Doctor.”

A BBC insider added there was “lots more to come” from Jodie’s Doctor, with the actress filming episode for 2020.

They said: “As ever, bosses are staying tight-lipped about what they have planned.”

Olly Alexander Doctor Who
Jodie Whittaker was the first female Time Lord (Credit: BBC)

So what have Doctor Who fans said?

The majority of fans are absolutely thrilled at the prospect of Olly taking the reins.

However, not everyone feels he same.

“One has to ask why?” one Doctor Who fan pondered.

“If Olly is in the frame because of his acting chops no problem, but if he’s chosen just because he is gay and the BBC wanted to tick a diversity box, then they will repeat the same mistakes as with Jodie,” they added.

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Another was more blunt.

I guess #DoctorWho wants to test the phrase ‘go woke, go broke’,” said another.

“Your woke audience will love it. The rest of us ‘bigots’ will just walk away,” they added.

“Flaming politically correct BBC again,” slammed another.

“I’ve watched Doctor Who since the late 60s. The programme went downhill after Russell T Davies left and it shows. Shall not watch. Bit like most BBC programmes, I’ve switched over, sad to say,” they added.

“Box ticking at it’s worst,” said another.

‘Your ignorance is really sad’

However, many Doctor Who fans had Olly’s back.

“Not quite sure that hiring the lead actor (who got rave reviews) of one of the year’s most critically acclaimed worldwide shows is ‘box ticking’,” said one.

“But I suppose you need buzzwords to make your homophobia look clever,” they said.

“He’s a fantastic actor,” said another. “Your pure ignorance is what’s making you outraged, it’s really sad.”

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