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Naked Attraction: Channel 4 viewers defend female contestants as trolls mock their privates

Some people posted sickening comments on social media

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Channel 4 show Naked Attraction caused outrage on social media when a particularly controversial episode was repeated last night.

One male contestant offended viewers after he made comments about the contestants’ vulvas.

Even worse, some of the audience cruelly mocked the women’s intimate areas with vile remarks on Twitter.

Naked Attraction hopeful Kurt, a vet student (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened on Channel 4 show Naked Attraction?

Last night’s episode saw vet student Kurt looking for love.

When the show revealed the bottom halves of his potential dates, Kurt surveyed the legs and vulvas in front of him.

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Speaking to host Anna Richardson, he said of one hopeful: “She’s got really nice legs, a really nice, neat vagina. I don’t mind a bit of labia.”

As Kurt surveyed the women’s lady bits, cruel trolls posted disgusting comments about them (Credit: Channel 4)

Naked Attraction viewers argue

Some took issue with the use of “neat vagina” as a compliment, as they inferred that the alternative was therefore a bad thing.

One wrote: “Who knew!? You can boost a woman’s self esteem by telling her she’s got a neat vagina on national telly! No wonder society is so [bleeped] up! ”

Someone else said, incredulous: “A neat vagina? ”

A third put: “‘There’s a lot of labia’. Jesus Christ.”

However, the comments from viewers – notably from women – were far worse.

The misogyny coming from women talking about other woman’s labia is so sad.

One said: “The misogyny coming from women talking about other women’s labia is so sad. Support all women.

“Women we can do better than shaming other women!”

Another urged viewers not to be “unfeminist” and to “support [our] sisters”.

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