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Celebs Go Dating star Tom Read Wilson reveals he’s taking full credit for Tom and Sophie’s romance

He said he was 'such a cheerleader' for it

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Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion star Tom Read Wilson has exclusively revealed how he played matchmaker for stars Tom Zanetti and Sophie Hermann.

The pair joined the Celebs Go Dating agency in the hope of finding love with a non-famous face.

However, it appears the pair have ripped up the rule book and fallen for a fellow celebrity.

And it’s something the lovely Tom Read Wilson fully supports.

tom read wilson on the red carpet
The lovely Tom Read Wilson acted as matchmaker for Tom and Sophie on Celebs Go Dating (Credit: Splah News)

What did Celebs Go Dating star Tom Read Wilson say about Sophie and Tom?

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, dating guru Tom said he’s a “huge cheerleader” of their romance.

And he also revealed the top tips he gave DJ Tom that helped him win over Sophie.

“I can give you an inside scoop here. Tom Zanetti’s middle name is Byron and I love Lord Byron so I started quoting Byron to him. And he knew instantly it was Byron.

“The thing I always felt about Tom was Sophie thought here’s just this absolute sexpot but I don’t know if he’s going to make my grey cells sing. That was her worry.

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“So what I did was I actually urged him to write her a poem. It was sort of my commission and I was over the moon.

“I glancingly mentioned it and he went off and in all his spare time he was working on it and the outcome was exquisite. I’m so proud of him.

“I do feel, I have to say,” said Tom, “I feel a lot more responsible with that particular union. You know, I was always such a cheerleader for it.

“I thought as long as Sophie discovers that wonderfully artistic complex side of Tom she’ll totally fall. And she did.”

I do feel, I have to say, I feel a lot more responsible with that particular union. You know, I was always such a cheerleader for it.

But should Sophie be falling for her fellow celeb?

“Well it’s very interesting. There is a sort of arbitrary rule that we always say don’t at the beginning,” Tom admitted.

“But I always feel that we kind of create an environment where hopefully romance is dripping from the walls and I don’t mind where the droplets land.

“Rules are made to be broken,” he added.

tom celebs go dating
Tom Read Wilson said he knew Sophie would fall for Tom’s softer side and encouraged him to write her a poem (Credit: YouTube)

What’s happening with Tom Read Wilson’s own love life?

Some might say Tom is fiercely private about his love life, but he admitted that it’s simply because there’s nothing to tell.

“If there were things to tell I’d be singing it from the rooftops,” he said.

“I’m a very active dater, even in lockdown times, I’ve experiemented with virtual dating and I’ve kind of enjoyed it. There are perks you don’t anticipate.

“My first one, he was a pianist and he had his piano in the room and I said would you play to me and it was undiluted heaven.

“So we made it like a Desert Island Discs and we played our favourite songs and we talked about why we loved it. You couldn’t do that in a noisy bar.”

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However, it appears the tinkling of the ivories wasn’t enough to win Tom over to his virtual love match.

“Again, it hasn’t improved my success rate, but it has been a lovely experience,” he admitted, revealing they won’t be meeting up post-lockdown.

“In a funny way it doesn’t matter. I don’t separate dates into good and bad but simply romantic and unromantic. Some of the best dates I’ve ever had I’ve discovered this benevolent stranger and there’s no chemistry between us and that’s fine.”

Perhaps a show like Married At First Sight would suit Tom in that case then?

“Oh no I wouldn’t [marry someone at first sight]. I don’t think anyone would have me. I’ve been trying for well over a decade to no avail so far,” he said.

“The poor thing would want to run a mile judging by my dating history and they wouldn’t be able to because we’d have signed a document or two!”

best home cooks celebs go dating
Tom was runner up on Celebrity Best Home Cook and appears to have made a friend for life in Ed Balls (Credit: BBC)

Tom’s friendship with Ed Balls

One person who doesn’t appear to want to run a mile from Tom is Ed Balls, who was last night (February 17) crowned the winner of Celebrity Best Home Cook.

“What a divine person to lose out to,” Tom revealed.

“He is a true culinary wizard and he cooks with his heart. Obviously not literally. But it’s lovely to watch him at work.”

He also added that himself, Ed and Rachel Johnson would entertain themselves away from the cameras by doing crosswords and singing hits from the musicals.

What’s next for Celebs Go Dating star Tom?

Next for the lovely Tom might well be a return to his first love, the theatre.

He’s had an illustrious acting and musical career and admits it’s something he would “love” to revisit.

“It’s something I’ve love to do again,” he said.

“I fell accidentally into this career that I’m so enjoying now. But that was my old life, I was a touring thespian living off the smell of an oily rag as my dad used to say, and I would love to flex those muscles again.

“But I would be very nervous, that’s the only thing,” he admitted. “Because I don’t know if it is like riding a bike and you’d learn lines as easily after that passage of time.”

Tom said he’s now memorising poetry in a bid to bring back his muscle memory.

And, should he return to the acting world, what would be his dream role?

A part in Netflix period drama Bridgerton, no less.

“Oh gosh, oh I can’t think of anything lovelier,” he said.

“Me in a pink smoking jacket hosting balls. What a lovely romp!”

Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion continues tonight on E4 at 9pm.

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