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Nick Hewer admits ‘it’ll be sad to say goodbye’ to Countdown and he ‘might well’ get ’emotional’

Anne Robinson will soon be stepping into Nick's shoes

Countdown host Nick Hewer has exclusively revealed that he “might well” get “emotional” when he leaves the Channel 4 show this spring.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily, Nick revealed that he is filming until May and should be on screen till “June or July”.

He added of the show’s new host: “And then Anne Robinson comes in to take over from me.”

nick hewer on red carpet
Nick Hewer has admitted he’ll be sad to leave Countdown (Credit: Splash News)

What did Nick Hewer say about leaving Countdown?

Nick revealed he was a little “weary” after three days away filming Countdown.

He had previously taken time off during lockdown to shield.

Nick revealed: “I’m an old person, I was 77 yesterday, and I decided to shield. A wonderful guy called Colin Murray filled in for me – he was a brilliant host.

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“I go through now till May, which on screen I think is in June or July, and then Anne Robinson comes in to take over from me. So there we are.”

No one wants to see a 77 year old sobbing on the floor.

So will Nick get emotional when he signs off on his last-ever episode?

“I might well do,” he admitted. “It’ll be 10 years pretty much. Possibly. Who knows. I’ll try and hold it together.

“No one wants to see a 77 year old sobbing on the floor,” he quipped.

“It’ll be sad to say goodbye but I’ve got to spend some time at home. I used to spend two nights at home a week, I was always travelling.”

nick hewer countdown
Nick revealed he’ll be on screen until early summer and then ‘Anne Robinson comes in to take over’ (Credit: Channel 4)

Countdown host Nick on his replacement

Nick revealed he had no say in his replacement and insisted: “No, that’s a Channel 4 decision. But it’ll be very interesting.

“She’s a hugely professional presenter so I’m sure it’ll all go swimmingly well.”

He also added that the pair haven’t been in touch – and he doubts Anne will need any presenting tips.

“I don’t know her to be honest. I’ve never met her. But I think she could teach me quite a lot and I’m not sure the reverse is true.”

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However, he does have some ideas on how the show should continue to be presented.

Nick revealed: “The magic is in the format. In a sense the longevity of Countdown is the format, it’s the show.

“Woe betide any host who tries to dominate it and tries to become the big star – the show is the star. People tune in to have a go.”

Indeed… Speaking about the public outpouring that followed news of his departure, Nick said it was “very flattering” that so many people want him to stay.

However, he added: “But they always say that, they said the same on the Apprentice and it steams on perfectly well without me. Countdown will get on just fine without me.”

He also revealed that he will continue to be involved in the show – as an avid viewer.

“Oh certainly, of course I will watch it. Actually I’m sure Anne will get on just fine. The studio is very excited about it,” he added.

So is Nick retiring?

Hopefully it won’t be the last we see of Nick on our screens as he insists he isn’t “hanging up” his boots entirely.

However, it does sound like he needs a rest from the pretty relentless Countdown filming schedule.

“If something came up that really was interesting and not too time consuming then I’d do it,” he told ED!.

“The thing with Countdown, it’s a two-year contract and it’s a pretty heavy commitment so there’s never really time to do a big trip.

“So if you look at a diary for two years and there’s no big break you think, hold on.

“I’m not hanging up my boots, if something came along that was fun, I’d do it. I’d be flattered,” he confirmed.

nick hewer in st lucia
Nick visited banana plantations in St Lucia (Credit: Fairtrade Foundation)

Nick’s work with the Fairtrade Foundation

What Nick is planning to do with his free time is more charity work.

As such, he’s involved in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Choose The World You Want virtual festival this Fairtrade Fortnight.

It’s a charity he’s been involved with for 10 years.

“I do try and help. I’m involved with I think three other charities and if they ask me to do things I do it,” Nick revealed.

“I’ve been jolly lucky in my life and I should certainly spend some time helping those who have been less fortunate than me.”

For those wanting to join Nick at the festival, he’ll be hosting a virtual quiz on March 5.

“It’s a virtual festival to shine a spotlight on the climate crisis,” he said, before explaining more about the Fairtrade Foundation’s work.

Reflecting on his trip with the foundation to St Lucia, to visit banana plantations, Nick said: “I’m a firm believer in that we have a duty to pay enough for our food to enable the person growing it to have a decent standard of living.”

“They’re slithering around on a volcanic slope somewhere and they’re getting very little for their bananas in the normal course of events.

“The guy involved is trying to scrape together enough to feed his family and Fairtrade gives a premium to that farmer, a guaranteed price, and at least he can plan and have a future on that basis.”

Nick is taking part in the Fairtrade Foundation’s Choose The World You Want virtual festival. It takes place between February 22 and March 7. For more details on how to get involved, visit the website here.

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