Who plays Jackson Jones in Time? Tommy Hunter actor Line of Duty

Brian McCardie plays Jackson Jones in BBC One’s Time, but who did he play in Line of Duty?

He's playing another nasty so-and-so!

Time continues on BBC One this week, and it becomes apparent that tyrant Jackson Jones is pulling all the strings – but who plays Jackson Jones in Time?

Brian McCardie plays the influential prisoner, who appears to have a hold over both Mark Cobden and Eric McNally’s lives.

And it’s not the first time Brian McCardie has played a nasty criminal…

Here’s everything you need to know about the actor, who also appeared in Line of Duty.

***Warning: may contain spoilers from episode two and three of Time***

Who plays Jackson Jones in Time?
Brian McCardie portrays Jackson Jones in Time (Credit: BBC One)

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Who plays Jackson Jones in Time?

Actor Brian McCardie portrays Jackson Jones in Time.

Jackson is a fellow inmate of main character Mark Cobden, played by Sean Bean.

In episode one, it looked like Jackson might be on Mark’s side.

However, in episode two and three it becomes clear Jackson has other motives.

Jackson holds a lot of power in the prison – and outside of it – which affects both Mark and prison warden Eric (Stephen Graham).

Who is Brian McCardie and what has he been in before?

Brian McCardie is an actor, who has been on our TV screens ever since 1989!

His first ever role was as Seb in EastEnders.

Since then, he’s worked as a jobbing actor in dozens of TV shows and films including Speed 2: Cruise Control in 1997, Rob Roy in 1995, and Snatch in 2000.

He’s appeared in Murphy’s Law, Lilies, Taggart, Casualty, M.I. High, Holby City, Rebellion and Fortitude.

In 2010, he played DI Warren in Accused, created and written by Time’s Jimmy McGovern.

Yes, he played a copper!

Line of Duty fans will, of course, recognise him as another nasty villain…

Brian is also a writer and recently performed his self-penned one-man play Connolly at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

Who plays Jackson Jones in Time?
Brian McCardie as Tommy Hunter in Line of Duty (Credit: BBC One)

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Who did Brian McCardie play in Line of Duty?

Brian McCardie played Tommy Hunter in Line of Duty.

Tommy was an integral character in the intricate cast of organised criminals.

Dodgy to his core, he appeared in the first ever series of Line of Duty.

The character also appeared in two episodes of series two, until he was killed off for knowing too much.

Of course, viewers know he was closely linked to The Caddy – aka Dot Cottan.

In the latest series, Tommy was revealed to be related to Joanne Davidson in a jaw-dropping twist.

How old is Brian McCardie and where is he from?

Brian McCardie was born on January 22 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland.

He is currently 56 years old.

Who plays Jackson Jones in Time?
Tommy Hunter was a crucial character in Line of Duty (Credit: BBC One)

Is Brian McCardie married?

Very little is known about Brian McCardie’s personal life.

He’s previously been romantically linked to US actress Nicole Arlyn.

We assume he is single, as there is no evidence he has a partner or children.

Time continues on Sunday June 13 2021 at 9pm on BBC One. All episodes are available to watch in iPlayer.

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