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Time viewers blown away by Aneurin Barnard – here’s where you recognise the Welsh actor from

It was a small role but Aneurin made a big impression

Aneurin Barnard appeared in Time on BBC One last night, and he immediately received high praise for his role as deeply troubled inmate Bernard.

The Welsh actor, 34, has been a fixture on our screens – both in TV and film – over the years.

But where have you seen him before the BBC prison drama and what’s he in next?

Aneurin Barnard absolutely chewing the scenery to smithereens in that small role!
Aneurin was praised by viewers for his role as Bernard (Credit: BBC)

Who did Aneurin Barnard play in Time?

Aneurin unexpectedly popped up in Time as Mark Cobden’s cellmate, Bernard.

The jittery, paranoid inmate immediately put Cobden (played by Sean Bean) on edge, constantly chattering, asking questions about his life and espousing conspiracy theories.

After their first night together, Bernard took off his top to reveal a shocking patchwork of self-harming scars.

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When he took a razor to inflict more wounds, Cobden called for the guards.

After a stint in the infirmary, Bernard returned to the cell but tragedy awaited.

He took an overdose of his meds to kill himself… all in front of Cobden.

Viewers couldn't believe the age difference between Sean Bean's character and Sue Johnstone's character
Sean as Mark Cobden in Time (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about Aneurin’s performance?

After seeing tragic Bernard, viewers soon took to Twitter to praise the actor for his stunning performance.

“What an entrance. Absolute spine chilling terrifying performance. Incredible from Aneurin Barnard,” one said.

Another wrote: “First episode of #TIME on @BBCOne tense and terrifying. Bold, steady pace.

“Sean Bean and Stephen Graham on top form. And cosy cellmate Aneurin Barnard the stuff of nightmares… Really great.”

Aneurin Bernard absolutely chewing the scenery to smithereens in that small role!

“Aneurin Bernard absolutely chewing the scenery to smithereens in that small role! Good stuff #Time,” a third wrote.

Finally, one viewer commented: “Aneurin Barnard gave an astounding and harrowing performance in last nights #Time.”

“A great actor, who doesn’t always seem to get the credit he deserves. @aneurinBarnard.”

Aneurin himself responded and thanked fans for their kind words.

He said: “Thank you all for your lovely comments regarding #Time it was a wonderful drama to be a part of!

“Thanks for your kindness and taking the time to watch it!”

Aneurin Barnard as murder victim Jack in BBC One drama The Pact
Aneurin played Jack in The Pact (Credit: BBC)

What have you seen Aneurin in before?

It was only last week that Aneurin appeared on our screens in another BBC crime drama, The Pact.

He played dodgy Jack, who was murdered in the first episode.

This fact didn’t escape viewers, with one saying on Twitter last night: “Aneurin Barnard is too good an actor to keep dying in the first episode of a series #Time #ThePact.”

However, Aneurin has appeared in plenty of other hits.

On television, you may recognise him from shows like War & Peace, SS-GB, Midsomer Murders and Cilla.

On the big screen he’s appeared in the likes of Hunky Dory, Mary Queen of Scots and Dunkirk.

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What’s he in next?

Aneurin will appear in horror TV series 1899.

It tells the story of 19th-century immigrants travelling by ship from the old world to the new.

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However, when they encounter another migrant ship, things start to go badly wrong.

Other stars include Pursuit of Love’s Emily Beecham, and it will air on Netflix in 2022.

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