Breaking Dad series 3 Bradley Walsh

Breaking Dad series 3: Bradley Walsh apologises to son Barney for letting him down

Barney called it the scariest thing on the show so far

Breaking Dad series 3 continued last night and saw The Chase presenter and his son take on the scariest challenge they’ve ever faced.

During Monday (January 25) evening’s episode of the ITV series, Bradley Walsh and Barney were travelling through Switzerland in the third leg of their European road trip.

At the end of the episode, Barney teased that he had something particularly thrilling in store for his dad – and it involved James Bond.

During last night’s Breaking Dad, Brad and Barney went to Switzerland’s Contra Dam (Credit: ITV)

What happened in last night’s episode of Breaking Dad series 3?

Suited up in 007-style tuxedos, the pair travelled to Contra Dam, the 220m-high structure that featured in the 1995 film GoldenEye.

The plan was for them to bungee jump off it and Bradley – famously scared of heights – didn’t think he could do it.

Barney went first and it appeared to take every ounce of willpower he possessed to make himself jump over the edge.

Barney bungee jumped off the edge but Bradley struggled (Credit: ITV)

Afterwards, he told his dad: “That is the scariest thing I’ve ever done…

“You feel like you’re free falling. Honestly, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.”

It was clear that Brad didn’t want to let his son down, as he always takes on whatever Barney arranges for them.

Harnessed up, Brad walked to the edge, telling the instructors breathlessly: “I’m so scared… I’m shaking, I’m shaking.”

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Unfortunately, in the end Brad couldn’t will himself to jump and covered his face after backing away from the edge.

“I’m proud of you for getting up there,” Barney told him.

Brad said afterwards: “Sorry mate, I’ve let you down there.”

But his son argued: “You haven’t let me down! Stop it… that’s the scariest thing I’ve done on this show.”

In the end, Bradley had to pull out of the challenge (Credit: ITV)

How did Breaking Dad viewers react?

On Twitter, viewers shared their support for Bradley after he backed out.

One said: “Bradley and Barney, I do hope you read these tweets and realise how in awe we are of all your challenges, whether you go through with them or not.”

Another wrote: “#BreakingDad literally shouting at @BradleyWalsh, don’t jump. Seriously felt the fear.”

I bloody love Bradley Walsh! Absolutely no shame in not doing that jump.

A third tweeted: “Fair play to you @BradleyWalsh. Really enjoying you and Barney on #BreakingDad. You made the right decision mate, 100 per cent.”

A fourth said: “Don’t blame you at all for not doing that, Bradley, wouldn’t even get me anywhere near the edge.”

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“Don’t blame you, Bradley,” said a fifth, adding: “I wouldn’t have done that bungee jump either. It looked terrifying. #BreakingDad.”

Someone else said: “I bloody love Bradley Walsh! Absolutely no shame in not doing that jump. Well done Barney! #BreakingDad.”

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