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Ben Shephard shuts down GMB guest during heated debate

The two guests had very different views

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Ben Shephard shut down a Good Morning Britain guest today after a debate started to become heated.

Mum-of-three Beverley Turner and fellow mother Laura Belbin were on Tuesday’s show to discuss whether children’s bedrooms should be TV-free zones.

Beverley said she believes technology is the “biggest threat to kids’ physical and mental health”.

GMb guest
Beverley and Laura clashed on the GMB and Ben Shephard stepped in (Credit: ITV)

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However, Laura believes it’s about “teaching children the boundaries of using technology”.

The debate started with Laura arguing why she sees nothing wrong with children having televisions in their rooms.

She said: “My kids haven’t gone back to school yet and if there’s a chance for them to just pop upstairs and do their thing quietly and safely, I’m all for it.

“There’s a balance in our house and boundaries. You have to watch it at this time and it has to go off at this time.”

Beverley Turner on GMB
Beverley believes technology is a “big threat” to kids’ mental and physical health (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Beverley said it’s “not right” to combine their sleeping space with TVs or phones.

What did she say?

Beverley said: “I think technology is the biggest threat to our kids’ physical and mental health.

“We have to teach them the right behaviours now. A big part of that is sleep and what they do directly before they go to sleep.

“We have a responsibility to make sure they understand about using their brains in the right way and keep it stimulated.”

She added: “I totally agree that we have had moments we all sit them in front of the digital nanny.

“But it’s not right to combine the sleeping space with technology.”

Laura argued: “If you have a child who’s sat downstairs all day on a TV, that’s absolutely no difference in them being sat upstairs watching a TV.

“To band all parents who have a TV in their child’s bedroom as ones to allow their children to become obese or have poor grace.

“I had a small TV in my bedroom, best day of my life on a Saturday morning to be able to watch SMTV Live from my TV.

“I’m not obese. I’ve done alright. I know boundaries. I don’t watch TV all the time.”

GMB guest
Laura doesn’t see anything wrong with children having TVs in their bedrooms (Credit: ITV)

Beverley cut in: “We do have a problem with kids not doing very well at school and being unfit, that’s just a fact.”

Laura and Beverley then started talking over each and it became difficult to hear each other’s arguments.

Beverley added: “Lockdown has been tough for all parents. We are all slightly sick of our kids and they’re sick of us.

“But the solution is chuck them in the garden, take them to the park, let them run around.”

What did Ben Shephard say?

As Laura tried to interrupt, Beverley kept talking.

Ben cut in and shouted: “Beverley, let Laura talk for a second. Bev, let Laura… Beverley! Let Laura talk for a second.”

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Laura said: “I have struggled [in lockdown]. To associate a TV in somebody’s bedroom has got nothing to do with the fact that a child is obese.

“You can’t band every single parent into that same category.”

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