Beat the Chasers star Jenny Ryan

Beat the Chasers: Jenny Ryan hits back at claims show broke Covid rules

Jenny insisted the show hasn't broke coronavirus guidelines

Beat the Chasers star Jenny Ryan has hit back at claims the production team for the show didn’t follow coronavirus rules.

The quiz show has aired all week, providing much drama for its loyal viewers.

However, some viewers took to Twitter to ask why the Chasers could all sit next to each other on the programme.

Beat The Chasers
The Chasers have formed a “Close Contact Cohort” to film Beat the Chasers (Credit: ITV)

Beat the Chasers quizzer Jenny Ryan hits back

One person wrote: “How are the Chasers allowed to sit so close to each other on #BeatTheChasers?

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“Brad[ley Walsh] obviously keeps his distance from the contestants.”

Jenny, aka The Vixen, replied: “We are in a Close Contact Cohort as per the national guidelines for film & TV production.”

However, the user responded: “But, what does that mean? Asking, because it does seem to be undoing sensible anti-virus measures.”

Jenny said: “Do you really think we’d be flouting laws, guidelines and common sense on national television in front of millions?

“Google ‘close contact cohort TV’ you’ll get a detailed explanation of what is involved.

“In short we were subject to repeated testing before/during recording.”

Jenny brands claims “nonsense”

Meanwhile, the troll also tweeted Jenny saying: “Ok, having looked it up, it seems like these productions have decided the virus doesn’t really apply to them.”

However, the quiz expert hit back: “Nonsense. We are following guidelines drawn up by unions, production companies, networks and government. To the letter.”

Do you really think we’d be flouting laws, guidelines and common sense on national television in front of millions?

Jenny also insisted she undergoes regular Covid tests while filming for the show.

The troll had wrote: “But testing only shows if there is already viral transmission.

Jenny hit back at claims the show broke coronavirus guidelines (Credit: ITV)

“It does nothing to ensure the transmission doesn’t begin, doesn’t occur. I just think there could be a better way.

Jenny replied: “How would you do it, then?

“I was tested 5 days and 1 day before going into studio, and then again in the middle of the week of filming.”

Meanwhile, one person defended Jenny and the show.

They said: “I don’t understand as to why people are so concerned with how you’re handling your own health & safety?

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Others defended Jenny and Beat the Chasers (Credit: ITV)

“You’re literally an employee of ITV. If they’re that bothered they should contact ITV/Potato and ask them what guidelines they’ve implanted into production.”

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Jenny said: “It’s the Two Metre Police, who probably have a significant overlap with the Complaining About Repeats Brigade, so nothing will please them.”

Beat the Chasers continues on ITV, Sunday December 10, at 9pm.

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