A Beat the Chasers is looking for an apology from Bradley Walsh

Beat the Chasers contestant suffering with cancer ‘calls on Bradley Walsh to apologise for “scamming” comment’

Player Robyn jumped for joy as she won £40,000

A contestant who won £40,000 on Beat the Chasers reportedly believes she is due an apology from host Bradley Walsh.

Robyn Free, 72, sat down for her appearance on the ITV quiz due to her ill health. Her huge win resulted in viewers at home reacting emotionally, with many tweeting about how they were in tears over Robyn’s success.

And she certainly seemed overjoyed too, jumping to her feet in celebration.

But a joke Bradley went on to make did not apparently sit well with her when she watched the programme on TV.

Robyn sits for her game on Beat the Chasers
Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh with Robyn during her game (Credit: ITV Hub)

What did Beat the Chasers host Bradley Walsh say?

A jubilant Robyn exclaimed as she won: “You have no idea what that means to me!”

But as she walked off the stage to applause, Bradley pantomimed as if in shock.

He joked: “She completely scammed us all.”

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Whirling towards the empty chair she had sat in, Bradley lightheartedly made out as if he were Robyn, explaining her need for a seat.

Bradley went: “‘I’ve got to sit down… Oh I’m not sure what I’m doing. I’m going to win a cat.”

Suggesting the sum helped give her some relief, he continued the skit and pretended to be exasperated: “‘Forty large. Ta-da, love. See ya.’ Unbelievable!”

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Bradley joked with the former nurse – but she may not have seen the funny side to all of his quips (Credit: ITV Hub)

How did Robyn react?

Unfortunately, it seems Robyn felt Bradley’s humour was not all that funny.

Reportedly commenting on social media, it is believed Robyn wrote: “I understand maybe he thought I didn’t need a chair but I really can’t stand for more than 10 mins or so before my legs may give way.”

I still think Brad owes me an apology for accusing me of ‘scamming’ you all.

The former nurse from Swansea also noted how she would return the prize money if it meant she didn’t have cancer any more.

Robyn is reported to have added: “I didn’t appreciate Brad calling me ‘a scammer’ though (for laughs I know but some may unkindly think the same now he has planted the seed).”

Bradley Walsh was surprised when Robyn stood up
Bradley Walsh pretended to be stunned as Robyn enthusiastically celebrated her big win (Credit: ITV Hub)

Explaining her treatment, Robyn continued: “The chemotherapy left me with emphysema and shortness of breath on exertion and weakness in legs and arms as well as some peripheral neuropathy.

“The leaping out of the chair on realising I had won was pure adrenalin rush.”

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Offering her gratitude to production staff, Robyn reflected: “Thank you so much for the opportunity, experience and the cash. But I still think Brad owes me an apology for accusing me of ‘scamming’ you all.”

ED! has approached ITV for comment. The Sun‘s report indicates ITV did not have any comment to make to them.

– Beat the Chasers next airs on ITV on Saturday 25 September at 8.30pm.

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