BBC Holby City theme and new opening credits outrages fans

Holby City introduces new theme tune and opening credits as viewers divided

A strange decision with only a year left?

Holby City fans got a shock last night when the BBC show introduced a new theme tune and opening credits sequence.

And it’s fair to say that it didn’t go down well with fans.

Holby is finishing next year after shockingly and controversially being axed by the BBC.

BBC Holby City theme and new opening credits outrages fans
Holby fans got a new theme tune and opening credits last night (Credit: BBC)

What was the new Holby City theme like?

The long-running medical show is bowing out next year after over 20 years at the top.

However, despite the announcement that it was being axed by the BBC, it chose to change its theme tune AND its opening credits.

Instead of the classic theme with riffs of electric guitar and bold stabs of piano, things have been muted considerably.

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Out goes the electric guitar and in come strings and much more chilled piano moments.

And the opening credits have been zhuzhed up as well, with more effects and looking like a dreamy Hollywood movie!

However, these changes didn’t go down well with everyone.

How did fans react to the theme?

Fans immediately took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the new theme, and question why it was changed so close to next year’s final episodes.

One said: “Utterly weird decision to alter the music when the show is being cancelled next year. Where was the logic?”

Another wrote: “New theme tune is 100% dire!”

A third commented: “What have they done to the music omg!”

BBC Holby City theme and new opening credits outrages fans
Holby is ending after 23 years (Credit: BBC)

Finally, one fan said: “Love Holby but hate the new theme tune, please change it back.”

However, others loved the change.

One said: “I don’t know what the big deal is about @BBCHolbyCity changing its theme. I love it, it sounds very symphonic.”

Another added: “Wow a new Holby City theme.”

BBC Holby City theme and new opening credits outrages fans
Kian came a cropper in last night’s episode (Credit: BBC)

What did Holby say about the axing?

Earlier this month, the show announced that would be ending in 2022 after 23 years.

Devastated fans were outraged by the decision and set up an online petition to try and save it.

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In response, the show said: “We want to reassure our fans, colleagues and our Holby family, that we have every intention of making sure the next nine months are the most entertaining Holby yet and that we go out strong!”

And last night’s episode certainly made good on that promise as surgeon Kian Madani overdosed and looked all the world to be a goner!

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