Do BBC shows cover Strictly too much?

BBC Breakfast viewers moan about Strictly Come Dancing news coverage

But others reckon Strictly news should feature regularly

Very grumpy BBC Breakfast viewers seem to have got out of the wrong side of the bed today after whinging about Strictly Come Dancing news coverage.

Several social media users were put out one of TV’s most popular shows featured elsewhere on the same channel that airs and produces it.

Indeed, some viewers were so upset by the BBC Breakfast item featuring two former stars they declared themselves ‘nauseated’.

Ian Waite and Vincent Simone were on hand to chat about Strictly
Strictly will be everywhere until Christmas! (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Why was Strictly Come Dancing news covered on BBC Breakfast?

Dancers Ian Waite and Vincent Simone appeared on BBC Breakfast to give their opinions on the series so far.

They both hailed the celebrity dancers for being so advanced at this point in the BBC competition.

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But Ian, 50, also smiled as he admitted he was glad that AJ Odudu hadn’t trumped his and Zoe Ball’s record for a week one score.

Former Strictly Come Dancing stars Ian Waite and Vincent Simone were involved
But Ian Waite and Vincent Simone were a hit with devoted fans (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Why were viewers so annoyed?

It seems that some people have already reached their Strictly saturation point. It could be a long winter for them.

One Twitter user fumed as they answered their own question: “The 10 million people who watch Strictly… that’s fine by me. Why does BBC Breakfast ram it down the throats of those of us who don’t watch it?”

They blathered on: “A dozen D list celebs prancing around a dance floor is not news for the other 50 million of us who don’t watch it.”

Another person raged: “‘And at the top of the hour this Saturday… ‘what the [blank]’s coming up on Strictly?’ NEWS, please, BBC Breakfast for Christ’s sake.”

Meanwhile, another unhappy viewer tweeted away: “Whilst I am sure Strictly Come Dancing is very popular I am getting sick of hearing about it on BBC Breakfast.

“This year again with one of their own presenters on the show it is getting out of control.”

BBC Breakfast presenters
BBC Breakfast presenters had Strictly Come Dancing news for viewers (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

More unhappy tweets

Others were more succinct with their social media complaints.

“More Strictly [blank], absolute yawn fest this garbage #BBCBreakfast,” someone whined.

Another tutted: “FFS Strictly, bore off #BBCBreakfast.”

And a third, making use of a green-faced emoji to express nausea, wrote: “#BBCBreakfast Saturday Strictly love in.”


But not everyone was displeased with the segment.

Some fans suggested Strictly news should feature regularly on the show. And there were also calls for more Ian and Vincent on the box.

One tweeter remarked: “Lovely to see @ianwaite and @vincentsimone on @BBCBreakfast – two of my all time faves from @bbcstrictly.”

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“Loving Vincent Simone giving John a standing ‘ovulation’ on BBC Breakfast,” chuckled another.

And someone else pitched: “Can you have a regular Saturday slot, that was great!”

Strictly Come Dancing airs this weekend on BBC One on Saturday October 9 from 6.45pm and Sunday October 10 from 7.10pm.

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