Angela Black episode one questions

Angela Black: 6 questions we need answers to after episode one

Joanne Froggatt and Michiel Huisman star in the six-parter...

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Angela Black started with a bang this week, introducing us to Joanne Froggatt’s titular character – so what questions do we have after watching episode one?

ITV1’s latest gripping thriller saw Angela Black suffering at the hands of her abusive husband.

In uncomfortable scenes, violent Olivier (played by Michiel Huisman) knocked his wife Angela’s tooth out and left her face black and blue.

And that was just the start of it.

Here’s are the questions we need answering ahead of episode two.

***Warning: major spoilers from episode one ahead – only read if you have watched the first instalment***

Michiel Huisman and Joanne Froggatt in Angela Black
Michiel Huisman as Olivier and Joanne Froggatt as Angela in Angela Black (Credit: ITV1)

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Angela Black episode one questions: Who is Ed Harrison really?

In episode one of Angela Black, the victim of abuse is seen seeking refuge in a busy pub with a glass of wine.

In what appears to be a coincidental meeting, Angela (Froggatt) is approached by Ed and the pair get talking.

However, Ed appears to be stalking her and later reveals he is a Private Investigator.

He tells Angela that her husband Olivier hired him to watch her and gather evidence against her.

Ed reveals Olivier’s deepest secrets to Angela – that he wants to divorce her and get custody.

In climatic final scenes, Ed later turns up at her house and reveals Olivier could be a murderer…

But is Ed really who he says he is? We think not.

So who is he really? And what’s his agenda?

Ed tells Angela: “Why would I make it up?”

Why indeed.

Is Olivier a murderer? Did he kill his work colleague?

Ed told Angela that Olivier is capable of murder.

We don’t doubt it – he’s certainly violent enough to beat up his wife.

PI Ed tells Angela that Olivier plans to have her killed to get rid of her.

He also tells Angela that Olivier was having an affair with a work colleague called Yuki, who later disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

Did Oliver kill Yuki after she threatened to tell the truth about their affair?

Angela Black cast on ITV1
Angela Black’s life appears idyllic – but in fact she is the victim of abuse (Credit: ITV1)

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Angela Black episode one questions: What is Edgewater?

When Ed finally reveals who he is to Angela, he tells her he knows about “Edgewater”.

Confronting her in the park, he says: “You need to protect yourself. […] It isn’t right what he does to you.

“Especially after Edgewater.”

The mention of Edgewater visibly affects Angela, who asks him: “How do you know about Edgewater.”

Ed replies: “I know everything about you Angela.”

We have a feeling Edgewater may well hold the key to all of this, and could even be the real connection between Ed and Angela.

Why does Olivier want to divorce Angela and get custody of the kids?

If Ed is to believed – which he probably shouldn’t be – Olivier wants to divorce Angela and get custody of the kids.

Or even kill her.

But why?

Olivier holds all the cards and Angela has tried to leave him before but come back.

Is he trying to get away from Angela with a clean slate, or is Ed lying and preying on Angela’s vulnerability?

Samuel Adewunmi as Ed
Samuel Adewunmi as Ed in Angela Black (Credit: ITV1)

Angela Black episode one questions: What is Olivier’s job?

Angela spends her days working volunteer shifts at a dogs home.

Once, she was a professional pianist, playing at bars and restaurants and bringing people joy with her music.

But she gave up her career when she became a mum.

Meanwhile, Olivier’s job remains a mystery during episode one.

Although the ITV press pack tells us that he’s the owner of a successful property development company.

That would explain the beautifully tailored suits and gorgeous house.

But where does he really go when he tells Angela he’s working late?

And why was there petrol all over this trousers?

Angela Black episode one questions – where is it set?

The ITV thriller is set in London.

Angela and Olivier live in a very swanky house in suburban London.

We’re told: “Angela has her handsome husband and her two beautiful children, lives in a beautiful house in London, a very middle-class area, living a very nice lifestyle.”

Those familiar with London may well have recognised the pub where Angela and Ed first met.

A spokesperson for ITV told us: “Angela Black was filmed in areas in and around London, including Richmond, Ealing, Twickenham and Henley on Thames.

“The pub featured in episode one was a building along Hammersmith riverside and the park was Acton Park.”

Angela Black continues on Sunday October 17 2021 at 9pm on ITV1.

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