The One Show: Andrew Marr sparks backlash after calling Ruth Ellis ‘thick’

The BBC commentator had some choice words that left viewers speechless

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The One Show guest Andrew Marr sparked a serious backlash among BBC viewers when he appeared on the programme this week.

The presenter was on during Thursday evening’s (November 26) episode to promote a series of books and films about social change in the UK.

Andrew Marr angered viewers on The One Show (Credit: BBC)

What did Andrew Marr say on The One Show?

One of the stories he discussed was centred on Ruth Ellis. Ruth was the last woman ever to be hung in England in 1955.

She was a nightclub hostess and escort when she murdered her abusive boyfriend, David Blakely.

Her story was loosely fictionalised on-screen the following year in acclaimed movie Yield To The Knight, starring Diana Dors.

Andrew angered viewers when he compared the two women, who had entirely different upbringings and privileges.

In a bizarre rant, he labelled Ruth “quite a bit thicker” than Diana.

“Diana Dors [was] Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe,” he said. “Ruth Ellis, just a bit less talented and a bit thicker, frankly, ends up manipulated by a guy. She shoots a very, very abusive boyfriend and is the last woman in Britain to be hanged.”

Ruth Ellis was hanged in 1955 (Credit: BBC)

What did The One Show viewers say?

Viewers were taken aback by Andrew’s remarks, which seemingly suggested both women had little intellect.

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“Andrew Marr, ‘Ruth Ellis frankly a bit thicker than Diana Doors’, absolutely disgusting comments, he needs to apologise!” ranted a viewer. 

The backlash on social media continued to grow while the show was still on-air.

As a result, host Alex Jones told Andrew that people watching at home were unhappy.

She said: “The internet has erupted because you called Ruth Ellis ‘thick’ apparently.”

However, it just led to Andrew doubling down on his remarks.

“She wasn’t as clever as Diana Dors,” he insisted.

ED! contacted the BBC for comment.

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