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The One Show: Viewers stunned over ‘ageless’ Nigella Lawson

Her new show starts soon on BBC Two

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The One Show viewers were shocked last night to discover Nigella Lawson is a septuagenarian and said she hasn’t aged in 20 years.

The culinary whiz was on the talk show on Thursday (November 5) evening to chat about her new BBC Two series Cook, Eat, Repeat with hosts Michael Ball and Alex Scott.

The One Show welcomed Nigella Lawson on yesterday (Credit: BBC)

Nigella Lawson’s 20-year TV career

They showed clips from Nigella’s long TV career, including footage of her from when she was a young journalist.

Michael said to Nigella, who doesn’t watch her TV shows back: “You really didn’t enjoy watching that?”

Hosts Alex Scott and Michael Ball showed old clips of the TV cook (Credit: BBC)

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She told them: “I didn’t really watch it… I could hear it, that was bad enough. Its an odd thing, if you hear your voice in a recording that’s always bad enough, and if you have to see yourself too…

“I think it’s better to live life looking outwards rather than looking at yourself.”

And viewers at home couldn’t believe that Nigella has been on TV for two decades – and is now 60 years old.

BBC viewers couldn’t believe that Nigella is 60 (Credit: BBC)

What did The One Show viewers say about Nigella?

One said on Twitter: “How does Nigella look the exact same 20+ years later? Amazing genes #TheOneShow #oneshow.”

Another simply wrote “Nigella” with heart-eye emojis.

A third said: “@Nigella_Lawson 60yrs WTF.”

A fourth tweeted: “Nigella is not 60 what.”

“Nigella looks great for 60 #theoneshow,” someone else said.

Someone else gushed: “Beautiful lady providing the food porn we need.”

A fifth viewer said: “Don’t get how has Nigella not aged a single day since 1989. #finewine #theoneshow.”

Elsewhere on the show, Nigella talked about her cooking inspiration.

“[It came from] my mother,” she said. “I can’t say it was inspiration, it was just we were required to cook.

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“Nowadays this wouldn’t be allowed, but when I was six [me and my sister] would just be on rickety chairs over the gas stove stirring things, not cooking as entertainment but just to help get food on the table.

“You learn because you see it happening and you had to.”

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