American Murder: The Family Next Door – Shanann Watts’ intimate messages horrify viewers

Netflix documentary explores Chris Watts' murder of his wife and two children

American Murder: The Family Next Door has disturbed some viewers of the Netflix documentary by airing Shanann Watts’ private messages.

The shocking new documentary recalls the brutal murders of Shanann and her two daughters, Bella and Celeste, at the hands of husband and father Chris Watts.

Since the film hit the streaming service last week, some have questioned showing Shanann’s intimate messages.

American Murder: The Family Next Door viewers have slammed the Netflix documentary (Credit: Netflix)

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American Murder: The Family Next Door: What did the messages say?

As well as showing Shanann’s love letters to her husband, it reveals the final texts between the couple.

The documentary also includes the late mother’s private messages to her close friends.

In the texts, Shanann shares her frustrations over her marriage and intimate details of their sex life.

The messages hint that while there may have been trouble in her relationship, she wanted to work through her problems with Chris.

Fans believe it was wrong to show Shanann Watts’ private messages (Credit: Netflix)

What did viewers think?

Some viewers frowned on the private texts airing to the world.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “#AmericanMurder: The Family Next Door is the most horrifying documentary I’ve ever watched.

“I kept thinking this was a Gone Girl situation, but I was not ready for the truth. Too personal, as it invades a family’s privacy, exploiting their pain. Hopefully this helps others.”

A second agreed: “So disturbed there’s a series that’s allowed to use Shanann’s private texts.

“Do we really have no control over our private texts if we die? #americanmurder #shannanwatts.”

Shanann detailed her frustrations over her marriage and sex life (Credit: Netflix)

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A third shared: “I don’t think we needed to see Shanann’s private texts. Feels disrespectful. #AmericanMurder.”

However others believed the messages served a purpose, saying: “All these text msgs tells me that deep down inside Shanann knew she was being cheated on #AmericanMurder.”

Another commented: “I like how the tragedy [used] mostly Facebook posts from Shanann herself with texts and video footage intertwined. #AmericanMurder #AmericanMurderTheFamilyNextDoor.”

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