A 999 call handler and paramedic on Ambulance BBC hoax

Ambulance: Hoax call on BBC documentary leaves viewers fuming

BBC viewers branded the pranksters 'scum'

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Ambulance viewers were livid last night over a hoax call featured on the BBC documentary series.

During Wednesday (October 21) evening’s episode of the popular programme, 999 call handlers received reports that a man had fallen through a roof.

On Ambulance, crews responded to reports a man had fallen through a roof (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the hoax call on Ambulance?

On Ambulance, someone called and said the patient was struggling to breathe after falling several meters.

Looking at the resources they had available, they had to choose between sending an ambulance to the man who had fallen or someone who was suffering an asthma attack.

Deciding the fall patient was the more serious of the two, they dispatched numerous emergency services vehicles and staff to the scene.

Call handlers dispatched several teams to the scene (Credit: BBC)

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The person having an asthma attack, meanwhile, had to sit and wait for an ambulance that was further away.

Unfortunately, when the first responders arrived on the scene, they rushed around trying to locate the patient.

Watching #ambulance program and how my blood boils soooooo much when people hoax call and waste all of our resources.

The call handler, meanwhile, tried to wrestle essential details from the caller. However, the man went on to claim that the patient had run off from the scene – before hanging up the phone.

They tried to get hold of him and left a voicemail, but receiving no response, deemed the call a hoax. They told those on the scene, who then stepped down.

The show revealed that London Ambulance Service receives over 750 hoax calls every year.

Ambulance viewers fumed over the hoax call (Credit: BBC)

What did BBC viewers say?

Reacting on Twitter, those watching at home where furious about the prank call.

One said: “People who hoax call the ambulance service should be prosecuted #Ambulance.”

Another tweeted, alongside a string of swearing emojis: “That hoax call on #Ambulance…”

A third put: “Watching #Ambulance programme and how my blood boils soooooo much when people hoax call and waste all of our resources.”

A fourth tweeted: “The people behind these hoax calls need to be punished. Karma! #Ambulance @Ldn_Ambulance.”

Someone else said: “Hoax calls to the emergency services are never funny and they should be prosecuted! #Ambulance.”

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“Anyone who hoax calls the emergency services is scum #Ambulance,” raged a sixth.

Another said: “Trace the number and then charge the idiot who made the hoax call. Absolute [bleep]! #ambulance.”



Making hoax calls to 999 is a criminal offence. On its website, Cambridgeshire Constabulary explains that offenders face a maximum penalty fine of £5,000 and up to six months in prison.

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