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Ambulance: Viewers in tears over ‘compassionate’ bystander’s care for suicidal woman

Emotional scenes on the BBC documentary series

Ambulance had BBC viewers bawling last night with scenes of a bystander’s compassionate gesture for a woman who tried to drown herself.

In the emotional opening to last night’s Ambulance, paramedics responded to reports that some people had pulled a woman from the Thames.

A kind bystander helped a woman who tried to commit suicide (Credit: BBC)

What happened with the bystander on BBC’s Ambulance?

When they got to the riverside, they found a woman who was tired and distressed. She explained she had bipolar disorder and didn’t want to live any more.

The paramedics asked the woman – a former nurse – if she had any family members they could call, but she explained she had no family, just one friend.

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However, it was one bystander’s kind gesture that had those watching at home in tears.

BBC viewers were emotional over the upsetting scenes (Credit: BBC)

A young woman who was among those who found the patient remained with her the whole time, comforting her, holding her hand and doing her best to make her feel better.

That’s despite the fact that the woman’s plight was clearly having a deeply emotional impact on the kind stranger’s well being. At points, the bystander was seen wiping away tears.

She told the patient, as the paramedics ran through their tests: “I’ll stay until you tell me not to.”

The patient on Ambulance was a former NHS nurse (Credit: BBC)

What did viewers say about the ‘compassionate’ bystander

On Twitter, BBC viewers praised the “amazing” woman for her kindness.

One said: “The bystander is amazing and compassionate. As always, the team are just incredible and an absolute credit to you all. Never ever stop doing what you are doing and how you treat the public.”

Another wrote: “Tonight’s #Ambulance is breaking my heart. The wonderful woman who stayed with the lady who attempted to commit suicide absolutely restored my faith in humanity. 250 calls a day to the London Ambulance Service concern mental health issues. We have to do more.”

A third put: “Just watching #Ambulance on @BBCOne through my tears. What a sincerely kind person who helped a woman in mental crisis just before the @Ldn_Ambulance crew responded. Both the woman and crew showed true care and compassion.”

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Someone else said: “That lovely young woman on #Ambulance just now who did something HUGE by giving her undivided time and attention for someone in distress, has me proper bawling.”

A fifth tweeted: “I hope the wonderfully kind lady helping the woman pulled from the Thames got some help herself afterwards, quite a traumatic event. #Ambulance.”


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