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Alan Titchmarsh Spring into Summer: Gardener joins Instagram and reveals fear of being ‘cancelled’

He's joined social media at the age of 71

Spring into Summer host Alan Titchmarsh has revealed his fears over being “cancelled” after joining Instagram at the age of 71.

Gardening king Alan joined the social network last month.

And, while he runs his posts past his daughters to make sure he doesn’t “embarrass” them, he is a little worried about waking up one morning to find he’s been “cancelled”.

A picture of Alan Titchmarsh
Alan Titchmarsh returns in Spring into Summer tonight (Credit: ITV)

What did Alan say about joining Instagram?

Alan revealed he’d been persuaded to join the social network at the age of 71.

And he revealed that he makes sure he consults daughters Polly and Camilla, who are in their forties, before he hits post.

Alan told The Mirror: “I’m not doing it to be reassured about my popularity – I’m just happy to share the things I enjoy. People can either look at them or not look at them, and that will do.

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“It’s very benign, it’s very gentle, there’s going to be nothing controversial. I’m not going to be giving opinions about people in the news or what they’re doing.”

People can either look at them or not look at them, and that will do.

However, despite the content being, in his own words “benign”, Alan did make a quip about cancel culture.

He joked of his “worry” that he was going to wake up one morning and find “I’ve been cancelled”.

What is Alan Titchmarsh sharing on Instagram?

Alan said he’ll be sticking to the green stuff and posting about gardening.

He said he hopes that people will enjoy it – and that he doesn’t encounter trolls.

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As such, he said he’s saying away from Facebook and Twitter.

“I don’t know whether you can have a venomous reaction to a picture of a daffodil. It probably says more about you if you do, than it does about me,” he said.

Alan did offer his sympathies for those targeted by trolls, though, admitting he “feels sorry” for them.

Alan titchmarsh on new show
Alan has also joined social media at the age of 71 (Credit: ITV)

So what is Alan Titchmarsh: Spring into Summer about?

Alan’s new show kicks off tonight on ITV.

Set in the rolling Hampshire countryside, he’ll be joined by a different celebrity guest every week.

The nine-part series will focus on the joy of getting back into the fresh air after a long winter indoors.

And it’ll see Alan offering tips on everything from farming and gardening to food.

Alan Titchmarsh: Spring into Summer starts tonight at 8pm on ITV.

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