Who plays Corey Brent in Coronation Street and what else has he been in?

Corey first appeared 2 years ago

Corey Brent first appeared in Coronation Street in 2019, but who plays him and what else has the actor been in?

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Wednesday, May 5) Corey, Eli, Asha, Kelly and Summer head to a wasteland in a stolen car.

When Asha and Summer discover the car is stolen, they’re horrified. But as Kelly berates them, Corey joins in leaving Asha devastated and she soon heads home.

Corey and his friends attack Seb and Nina (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Nina and Seb run into the gang whilst on a walk.

When a drunk Eli and Corey start making nasty jibes at Nina, Summer feels uneasy and heads home.

Egged on by Eli, Kelly slaps Nina across the face. As Seb and Nina rush off, the gang gives chase and they find themselves subject to an unprovoked an vicious attack.

Who is Corey Brent in Coronation Street?

Corey Brent first appeared in May 2019 as a love interest for Asha Alahan.

He is the son of Stefan Brent.

Corey and Asha began dating in 2019, however when a video of her stripping was sent around, she immediately thought it was Corey.

Corey was introduced as a love interest for Asha (Credit: ITV)

She soon discovered it was her friend Kelly who found and sent the video. But Asha eventually forgave Corey and they became a couple.

The teenagers split up after she became fed up of him telling her what to wear.

Asha began dating Nina Lucas, however they split when Nina felt they were moving too fast.

Corey is played by Maximus Evans (Credit: ITV)

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Soon Asha got back together with Corey and they recently moved into their own flat in Victoria Court.

Who plays Corey and what else has the actor been in?

Corey is played by actor Maximus Evans.

In 2017, Maximus played Fitzy in the TV series Creeped Out.

In 2019, he played Wilko in the first series of the ITV drama The Bay.

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