What is Graham Foster actor Andrew Scarborough from Emmerdale up to now?

Graham first appeared in 2017

Graham Foster was in Emmerdale from 2017 until 2020. But what happened to the character?

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap (Tuesday, January 20) Graham was mentioned by Kim and Rhona, as it had been a year since Graham died.

But how did he die?

Who is Graham Foster in Emmerdale?

Graham Foster worked for Kim Tate. They had an on and off relationship over the years.

He was also a father figure to Joe Tate – Kim’s step grandson, who she wanted dead.

Graham was going out with Rhona Goskirk when he died (Credit: ITV)

In 2018, Kim demanded that Graham killed Joe. Joe planned to go on the run, however Cain Dingle ended up hitting him for standing his daughter Debbie up on her wedding day.

Joe fell and hit his head. Graham put Joe’s body in the boot and was later seen sobbing, leading viewers wondering whether he was dead or alive.

However months later, it was revealed Joe has been living abroad.

Eventually Graham began a relationship with Rhona Goskirk, which infuriated Kim.

How did Graham die?

In the months leading up to Graham’s death, he made quite a few enemies in the village.

Kim was furious that Graham started dating Rhona. Meanwhile it was revealed that Graham slept with Jamie Tate’s wife Andrea nine months before the birth of Millie.

Although a DNA test proved Jamie was Millie’s dad, both he and Andrea were furious with Graham.

Graham was killed by Pierce Harris (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Charity was distraught when she found out Graham had locked her son Ryan, who has cerebral palsy, in a shed after he refused to transfer more money from the HOP account to Graham.

And finally Marlon Dingle was upset as Graham and Rhona planned to move to France, taking Rhona and Marlon’s son Leo with them.

However it was revealed that Graham was killed by Rhona’s rapist ex-husband Pierce.

Before his death, Graham found out Pierce was being released from prison and warned him to keep away from Rhona. But Pierce killed Graham and soon kidnapped Vanessa and her son Johnny.

Eventually he was caught out and went to prison.

How did fans react to Graham leaving?

Fans were devastated when Graham was killed off.

Speaking in a Digital Spy forum from last year, one fan wrote: “I think he is a great character played wonderfully well by the actor. I will miss him.”

A second said: “I really wish Graham was not being killed off but it’s apparently what the actor wants. I will miss him as a character.”

Another added: “I’m going to miss him.”

What is Andrew Scarborough up to now?

After leaving Emmerdale, Andrew Scarborough appeared in 2020 film The War Below.

The actor hasn’t revealed which projects he will be working on next.

Will Joe Tate ever return?

It is unknown if Joe will ever make his way back to the village.

Could Joe Tate come back to Emmerdale one day? (Credit: ITV)

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After leaving Emmerdale, actor Ned Porteous went to America. Most recently he appeared in popular Netflix series Bridgerton, which stars Phoebe Dynevor, daughter of Corrie star Sally Dynevor.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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