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What happened to Keanu in EastEnders and where is he now?

Keanu was last seen in 2020

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Keanu Taylor was last seen in EastEnders in 2020, but what happened to him and where is he now?

In tonight’s episode of the soap (Thursday, October 7) Keegan revealed he had spoke to his brother, Keanu, and was planning to go and stay with him.

Who is Keanu Taylor in EastEnders?

Keanu Taylor is the son of Karen Taylor. His father is a man named Shane, who is in prison.

Keegan mentioned his brother Keanu (Credit: BBC)

He the half-brother of Chantelle, Keegan, Bernadette, Chatham and Riley.

He is also the father of Louise Mitchell’s daughter, Peggy Taylor, and Sharon Watts’ son, Albie Watts.

The character was played by actor Danny Walters.

EastEnders: Keanu and his involvement with the Mitchell family

Keanu began working at the Arches for the Mitchell family. However he ended up having an affair with Phil Mitchell’s wife Sharon.

Sharon and Keanu’s affair eventually came to an end and he ended up dating Phil’s daughter, Sharon’s stepdaughter, Louise Mitchell.

Louise soon discovered she was pregnant, but shortly after, she learnt Phil paid Keanu to look out for her.

She dumped Keanu and told him she aborted their child.

Keanu had an affair with Sharon (Credit: BBC)

Upset, he went and slept with Sharon once again. Later Keanu and Louise reunited and she revealed she was still pregnant.

However Sharon soon discovered she was also pregnant. A prenatal paternity test proved that Phil wasn’t the baby’s father.

Louise’s godmother Mel became protective over Louise, especially after the death of her son Hunter.

Mel found out about Keanu being the father of Sharon’s baby.

After blackmailing Sharon for weeks, Mel rushed to the airport to tell Phil and planned to reveal the affair by calling Billy at the club, telling him to put her on speaker and telling everyone, including Louise.

However she was involved in a car crash and was unable to tell them all. While Mel survived the crash, she thought she could hear Hunter calling her from the wreckage,

As she walked towards the wreckage, she was hit by a lorry and died.

Keanu – His daughter’s birth and affair reveal

Louise went on to give birth to a baby girl, who she named Peggy Mel Taylor, after her late grandmother Peggy Mitchell and godmother Mel.

However Louise soon discovered that Keanu was the father of Sharon’s baby.

Louise is the mother of Keanu’s daughter, Peggy (Credit: BBC)

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Phil, Ben and Louise planned for Keanu to be kidnapped by Martin and killed.

Linda Carter also became embroiled in the story and she and Martin decided to help Keanu flee Walford and fake his death.

Martin took Karen to the airport to say goodbye to her son before he fled the country.

Keanu’s return

In February 2020 Keanu returned to Walford, revealing he was alive to the Mitchells.

He returned for Sharon in the hopes they would leave Walford together with her son Dennis Rickman Jr and be a family.

However his plan went terribly wrong.

The Vic had a huge party on a boat on the River Thames to celebrate winning Best London pub.

Keanu returned to Walford shortly after faking his death (Credit: BBC)

However on the boat, Phil and Keanu got into an altercation, causing the boat to crash.

As the boat took on water, Sharon’s son Dennis was locked in a room on the lower deck – he had been locked in there by Ian Beale.

Ian went back to try and save Dennis, however the teenager ended up drowning.

Meanwhile Sharon had gone into labour and given birth to a baby boy.

Keanu went to the hospital to meet his son, but also had to break the news to Sharon that her eldest son died.

Sharon blamed their affair for leading to Dennis’s death and told Keanu to leave.

Keanu left Walford and it’s thought he is now living in Spain.

Where are Keanu’s children?

Sharon struggled with grief after Dennis’s death and gave her son to Karen to look after.

Karen named her grandchild Kayden, but Sharon later took him back full time and changed his name to Albie.

Albie lives with his mum, Sharon (Credit: BBC)

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Meanwhile Louise and Peggy are living in Portugal with her mum Lisa.

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