Soap spoilers: Emmerdale storylines for next week revealed in pictures!

Meena's jealous causes drama

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Soap spoilers for next week’s Emmerdale see Liam’s romantic proposal thrown into chaos when Meena gets jealous over David.

Also, the Dingles are left reeling when Lydia is arrested and Liv struggles with her guilt over Paul.

All this and more in the Emmerdale soap spoilers for next week.

1. Meena ruins Liam’s proposal to Leyla 

Liam is excited about the prospect of popping the question to Leyla and has everything planned.

He enlists David’s help in his romantic proposal, leaving David to distract an unsuspecting Leyla.

But when Meena sees David and Leyla together she is jealous.

Not realising David is helping Liam, Meena suspects Leyla is trying to steal her boyfriend.

Raging at seeing Leyla and David so close, Meena decides to intervene.

Meena rudely interrupts Liam’s romantic proposal and the whole thing is a shambles.

Liam’s upset his romantic gesture has been ruined.

Realising the lengths that Liam went to, Leyla asks him to start again.

Liam gets down on one knee and asks Leyla to marry him, and she says yes.

But while Liam and Leyla are on cloud nine, Meena feels awful.

As David and Meena’s relationship hits the rocks, can Meena make up for her huge mistake?

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2. Lydia is arrested

After her successful chat with Vinny, Mandy reminds Lydia she would make a great councillor.

Mandy encourages Lydia to apply for a pupil liaison job at a local school.

She coaches Lydia ahead of her online interview and Lydia’s excited about her new challenge.

But, when she gets to the cafe for the interview, dodgy adverts start popping up on her laptop.

The interview goes well but soon after the police arrive and things go sour.

Lydia is stunned when the police arrest her for running a scam pension scheme.

As the officers escort a terrified Lydia out, Sam realises exactly who is behind the crime.

Who has set Lydia up for yet more trouble?

3. Mack messes up 

Moira and Cain have become determined to catch Mack out and set up a trap.

Mack is oblivious and assures Charity he has been discreet about their job.

While out on a job Mack finds a tracker in the back of the van, causing the buyer to run.

How will Charity feel when she hears Mack has messed up again?

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4. Liv struggles with her guilt 

Liv struggles to hide her guilt over Paul’s death, and is soon tempted to have a drink.

Will she open up to Aaron about how she is feeling and get the help she needs?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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