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Seb Franklin in Coronation Street: Harry Visinoni is at the centre of a harrowing story

Seb first appeared four years ago

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Seb Franklin has been in Coronation Street since 2016 and is currently at the centre of a major storyline.

In scenes tonight, Seb and his girlfriend Nina will be victims of an horrific attack.

Here’s all you need to know about the popular character…

Seb Franklin in Coronation Street: Who are his family?

Seb is the son of Abi Franklin. Seb’s biological father has never been seen on-screen or mentioned.

The character is played by actor Harry Visinoni.

He has two younger half-siblings Charlie and Lexi, who are twins. Charlie and Lexi live in Australia with their adoptive parents.

Abi is Seb’s mother (Credit: ITV)

Seb and his mother Abi have had a rocky relationship as he would often find himself looking after her and the twins, as she was a drug user and big drinker.

Charlie and Lexi live in Australia (Credit: ITV)

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However after moving to the cobbles, Abi started to get her life back on track and she is now engaged to Kevin Webster.

When Abi and Kevin get married, Seb will be a stepbrother to Kevin’s children Rosie, Sophie and Jack.

Seb Franklin in Coronation Street: Who has Seb dated?

Before the character appeared on-screen, he had a relationship with a girl named Lacey.

Seb first appeared when he began dating Faye Windass. Seb and Faye had an on and off relationship with Faye.

At first her mum, Anna, didn’t like Seb. But after discovering he looked after his younger siblings and mother, who was a drug user, she began to warm to him.

Faye and Seb dated on and off for a few years (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Faye and Seb ended up splitting up for good in 2019. Seb had built up a friendship with Faye’s brother Gary but started to develop a crush on Gary’s then-girlfriend Sarah.

One day, Seb went over to the Platts’ house and saw a note Sarah left for Gary asking him to join her in the bath. Thinking it was for him, Seb went into the bathroom and Sarah was horrified.

Gary found out what happened and at Seb’s 18th birthday Gary told Seb to tell Faye what happened.

But when he didn’t Gary exposed Seb’s actions to Faye, Eileen, Billy and Summer.

After some time, Seb and Faye managed to become friends again.

Seb, Alina and Emma

Seb and Alina met in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

He then went on to date Alina Pop. But he soon discovered she was a victim of human trafficking and eventually managed to help bring down the people she ‘worked’ for.

She was rehabilitated by the Salvation Army but she decided to go back home to her family in Romania.

Seb went on to date Emma Brooker. But when Alina moved back to Weatherfield, he offered for her to live with him and Emma.

Emma and Seb broke up (Credit: ITV)

Eventually Emma and Seb split. In tonight’s episode of Corrie (Friday, March 19) Seb asked Alina to give their relationship another go, but she admitted that she was interested in someone else.

Seb is currently living with Emma and Alina.

How did Seb contract HIV?

Seb contracted HIV from his first girlfriend Lacey. Lacey was knocked off her bike by a car and was taken to the hospital where it was discovered she had HIV.

Lacey died from her injuries and Abi soon discovered that Lacey had HIV, meaning Seb possibly did too. But Abi never told him.

It wasn’t until Seb was with Faye that he discovered the truth…

Seb is HIV positive (Credit: ITV)

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After Seb came off a ladder and ended up in hospital, a doctor noticed his white blood cell count was low.

Abi told Anna what happened to Lacey and they told Seb he could have HIV.

Later, Faye and Seb were both tested and whilst Faye tested negative, Seb tested positive.

He is now on medication that stops the virus from spreading.

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