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OPINION: Coronation Street: ‘Tyrone is pathetic, he made his bed, he needs to lie in it’

Tyrone doesn't deserve Fiz

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Coronation Street character Tyrone has tried to get back together with his ex-fiancée Fiz.

In tonight’s scenes (Thursday, September 16) Tyrone went after his now other former fiancée Alina, after hearing she hadn’t got on a flight to Romania.

He tried to convince her to stay, thinking she was pregnant with his child. However Alina told him she wasn’t pregnant.

Later Tyrone went home and tried to set up a romantic evening to try and get Fiz back, but he was caught off-guard when she came home with her date Phill.

Tyrone left Fiz for Alina (Credit: ITV)

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He hid under the table, but later revealed he was there when Fiz laughed at his music taste.

As they cleared up, Tyrone declared that he wanted her back, but Fiz was having none of it.

Later, a jealous Tyrone told Evelyn he didn’t want to be replaced by Phill, but Evelyn pointed out that he replaced Fiz with Alina.

But what does Entertainment Daily soap writer Charlotte Rodrigues think of this situation?

Coronation Street: ‘Tyrone is pathetic, he made his bed, he needs to lie in it’

Well well well… look at what happened.

After months, this storyline finally appears to have come to somewhat of an ending (although let’s face it, it probably isn’t the end yet).

Of course it all ended in tears, and I’m not even going to be nice about it, Tyrone deserves everything he got!

coronation street fiz furious over tyrone dobbs tattoo
Tyrone dumped Fiz earlier this year (Credit: ITV)

Fellow Corrie fans will know this storyline but for those of you needing a refresh, Tyrone and Fiz were engaged, he dumped her for Alina, who is 15 years younger than him.

Tyrone and Alina got pregnant, she ended up losing the baby, they broke up, then got engaged, now it seems they’ve broken up for good and she’s left the country. All caught up? Good.

Anyway so this week, Alina discovered Tyrone and Fiz shared a kiss a few weeks back. She was understandably upset (but to be fair, it was karma for what she did to Fiz).

Alina then decided to leave Weatherfield (and on a side note it seems like she may actually be pregnant with Ty’s baby, but there’s another article on that, check out our Corrie page here).

Aline decided to leave Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

What did Tyrone do the moment he said goodbye to Alina? HE WENT RUNNING BACK TO FIZ!

Honestly this man is getting on my nerves now.

It very much irritates me when someone goes running back to the person they treated poorly wanting a second chance. Good on Fiz for not taking him back.

You know what Tyrone, you made your bed, LIE IN IT!

Poor Fiz is finally happy and I really hope she doesn’t end up back with Tyrone. She deserves better than him.

Tyrone ripped his wonderful family apart and I’m glad he feels bad about it. No sympathy from me.

Coronation Street Tyrone: Praise for Alan Halsall

Again though while I do like to have a go at the characters, I do want to praise the actors because, honestly, if they’re getting me this worked up, they’re doing a great job!

Alan Halsall, Jennie McAlpine and Ruxandra Porojnicu have been amazing with this plot and it’s been good for the writers to do something different with Ty and Fiz’s relationship.

Goodbye to Alina – could she return?

While I don’t agree with how Alina has been throughout this storyline, I am sad to see the character go.

I think Ruxandra has been a fantastic addition to the show and, as well as this storyline, we also saw her in the human trafficking plot, which brought great awareness.

Ruxandra played Alina for two years (Credit: ITV)

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It would be good to see Alina return in the future with Tyrone’s child.

However I wish Ruxandra all the best in whatever she does next.

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