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Lesbian affair for EastEnders’ Sharon Mitchell and Linda Carter?

Stranger things have happened in Walford

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Letitia Dean, who plays EastEnders‘ Sharon Mitchell, has revealed she “wouldn’t mind” if Sharon became a lesbian.

Sharon is due to give birth any day now at the age of 50, and while Letitia admits that will be “challenging” enough for her character, she won’t rule out the possibility of her alter ego becoming a lesbian.

She said in an interview with Heat magazine: “Sharon the lesbian – who knows in the land of Walford?

“But I think having a baby at her age will be quite challenging.”

Sharon's expecting Keanu's baby (Credit: BBC)
Sharon’s expecting Keanu’s baby (Credit: BBC)

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And Letitia “wouldn’t mind” it if Sharon grew closer to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

When it was suggested Sharon could hook up with Linda, she replied: “I’ll put it in the suggestion box, I don’t mind.”

Linda and Sharon are close friends (Credit: BBC)
Linda and Sharon are close friends (Credit: BBC)

With both of their marriages currently imploding, could they call a day on men altogether?!

Letitia also revealed a secret about Bronson the dog, who is the Taylors’ pooch.

The actress said he regularly gets aroused on the set, and he took a particular liking to Tilly Keeper!

She claims the chirpy canine is a “big beast”, and he used to feel particularly pleased for himself when he was around Tilly, who previously played Louise Mitchell.

Tilly Keeper aka Louise Mitchell was Bronson's favourite (Credit: BBC)
Tilly Keeper aka Louise Mitchell was Bronson’s favourite (Credit: BBC)

She explained: “That big beast is always getting an erection, apparently – he loved Tilly Keeper!”

Letitia believes the soap’s writers should pen a plot in which her alter ego joins the Salvation Army, and says Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) and her animated animal Bronson could support her character.

“Maybe when Sharon gets a storyline that she’s joining the Sally Army [Salvation Army].

“She could be outside Walford Tube with Karen – Lorraine Stanley, who I’m a massive fan of, she’s one of my besties – and Bronson the dog.”

At war on screen, but besties in real life (Credit: BBC)
At war on screen, but besties in real life (Credit: BBC)

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Despite being married to Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), Sharon’s latest romance saw her indulge in an affair with younger man Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters), whose baby she is due to give birth to any day at the age of 50.

The 52-year-old star admits she had plenty of people telling her she was a “lucky [bleep]” and that she agreed she was “lucky” with the leading men she’s been cast alongside.

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