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Tuesday 28th January 2020

Hollyoaks fans furious as Tony disappears and isn't mentioned

After 24 years in the soap, Tony is gone

Fans of Hollyoaks are outraged that Tony Hutchinson's death hasn't been addressed days after he was stabbed by Breda McQueen.

The show's only remaining original character was knifed by serial killer Breda after confronting her about killing his son Harry Thompson earlier this year.

Hollyoaks fans are demanding answers about Tony's fate (Credit: Lime Pictures)

Tony had worked out what she had done and decided to tackle the little old murderer himself.

Viewers know that Breda has been 'cleansing' the Chester village of those she believes are sinners, especially men who she deems are bad dads.

Several characters have paid the price as a result - including Russ Owen, Carl Costello, Louis Loveday and Mac Nightingale.

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But, when Tony confronted her after realising her crimes, she claimed to be "helping rid the world of useless, reprobate dads".

After an emotional exchange in the rain, granny Breda stabbed Tony in the stomach to save her own skin, whispering in his ear: "You really were one of the good ones."

Viewers were then left in bits to see a montage of Tony's time in the soap, as his life flashed before his eyes, including a visit from his late son Harry.

Tony was stabbed by Breda and then disappeared (Credit: Lime Pictures)

It sparked outrage amongst viewers who couldn't believe the soap would kill Tony off without giving them any warning.

But in the days since Tony's fate has not been confirmed and after the soap removed actor Nick Pickard from the opening titles, fans are furious.

One said: "@Hollyoaks omg what will Breda tell Diane about Tony??? #Hollyoaks"

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A second said: ""Noo you can't end there!! #Hollyoaks xx."

A third said: "I hope Breda going to tell the truth but I doubt it. #hollyoaks."

"So where the hell is Tony?" asked another, and someone else said: "I am so done with Breda now, she needs to be caught."

And one more said: "Please let Tony be alive, this has been going on for way to long now."

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