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BBC launches investigation after EastEnders episodes accidentally put on iPlayer early

Next week's episodes appeared on iPlayer far earlier than they should

The BBC has launched an investigation after next week’s episodes of EastEnders were leaked online.

All of next week’s episodes of the soap were discovered by fans on iPlayer, forcing the BBC to take action Entertainment Daily can confirm.

Jean will be heartbroken when Daniel dies next week (Credit: BBC)

In a statement to ED! a BBC spokesman said: “As soon as we became aware of the unauthorised publication, we took immediate action to remove them.

“We are investigating to prevent this happening again.”

Fans were left feeling furious at the leak as surprises from the week of episodes spread around social media.

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One said: “People leaking next week’s episodes should be disgusted with themselves. #EastEnders #Ballum.”

Another said: “Really don’t like it when people leak episodes for next week’s #EastEnders #Ballum”

A third raged: “Wtf how did people manage to leak episodes of EastEnders.”

The aftermath of Bex’s attempt to take her own life is explored (Credit: BBC)

Another tweeted: “I can’t believe someone woke up and just decided to leak all the episodes of EastEnders for next week.”

One angry fan added: “Safe to say I’m muting and blocking anyone who leaks, even if it’s a friend.

“You might want to ruin the spirit, but EastEnders is my favourite show and I devote my entire week to it, you are not gonna ruin it for me. #Ballum #EastEnders

“I don’t watch episodes on BBC iPlayer until after original transmission. In my eyes EastEnders deserves the vibe of sitting in front of your TV, humming the theme tune, and being shocked at the doof doofs.”

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Another said: “Anyone who’s leaked pics for next week, should be ashamed. #EastEnders.”

A sixth added: “Next week’s episodes leaking online like it’s Doctor Who or Game of Thrones is so weird to me!

“How did this even happen?”

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