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EastEnders fans demand big storyline for ‘criminally underused’ Shirley Carter

How about a reunion with Phil Mitchell?

She has a resting face like she’s chewing a wasp, but EastEnders viewers can’t get enough of Shirley Carter.

And hopeful fans have begged soap scriptwriters to give the “criminally underused” character a big storyline soon.

Shirley subtly investigated the disappearance of Phil’s money (Credit: BBC)

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Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one Shirley fan wrote: “Whilst Kate Oates and Jon Sen have done a good job by giving everyone something to do, some characters could still do with more gritty material.

“For me, Shirley Carter is criminally underused. I’d like to see some sort of addiction storyline for her, not the typical alcohol/drugs but something like gambling.

“Although with Linda’s upcoming story maybe now isn’t the time. Would also be nice to revisit her somewhat strained relationship with Carly.”

Carly EastEnders
Carly is Shirley’s estranged daughter (Credit: BBC)

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Another agreed, saying: “At the moment, Shirley is one of a few characters offering very little.”

A third wrote: “Linda Henry barely gets any screen time.”

“I hate how underrated Linda Henry is in this show,” lamented one more.

Phil Shirley EastEnders
Who wouldn’t want to see this again? (Credit: BBC)

Many believe that hard-drinker Shirley would have been more suited to Linda’s upcoming storyline about alcoholism

On EastEnders Spoilers, News & Gossip Facebook fan page, many expressed their desire to see Shirley reunite with former flame Phil Mitchell, although we think he’s got enough on his plate at the moment!

One fan wrote: “Phil and Shirley were so right together they should never have split up. I bet he goes to her when he finds out about Sheanu.”

“Shirley and Phil are made for each other. Definitely would love to see them back together,” added one more.

Shirley and Phil EastEnders
Will Shirley and Phil ever reunite? (Credit: BBC)

Viewers will remember that Phil chose current wife Sharon over Shirley, leading to a furious Shirley shooting him on his wedding day!

Phil is currently married to Sharon, who he believes is expecting his baby…

Only viewers know that Sharon is really pregnant with Keanu Taylor’s baby, after the pair had a passionate affair behind his back.

With the big reveal expected to coincide with an explosive Christmas storyline, it’s anyone’s guess if Phil will find comfort in the arms of ex-Shirley.

Or, in fact, if anyone will survive the fallout from Phil’s rage!

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