Emmerdale’s Katherine Dow Blyton reveals Harriet will take the blame when Malone’s body’s found

Harriet has been struggling with guilt

Emmerdale character Harriet will take the blame when Malone’s body is found, reveals Katherine Dow Blyton.

Recently Harriet and Will moved Malone’s body from the graveyard to Home Farm.

Emmerdale SPOPILERs Malone dug up
Dawn killed DI Malone (Credit: ITV)

Originally Harriet buried him in a grave. However when the true occupant’s daughter wanted to exhume her father’s body, Will and Harriet moved his body to Home Farm.

Emmerdale: Katherine Dow Blyton reveals Harriet will take the blame for Dawn

But actress Katherine Dow Blyton has revealed that Malone’s body will be found.

Speaking to she said: “There have to be consequences – that body is not going to stay in the ground forever. It’ll be terrifying – I can’t even imagine how that’s going to get resolved.

“But these bodies are inevitably found aren’t they?

Harriet moved Malone’s body. But it sounds like it will be discovered (Credit: ITV)

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“Harriet will take the blame – and let’s face it, she did crack him with a kettle, she did bury him and destroy evidence. Her hands aren’t exactly clean.

“She would take the fall for Dawn and protect her.”

Who is DI Malone? How did he die?

DI Malone is an old work colleague of Harriet’s. However he is a corrupt copper and was the boss of a criminal gang that Will Taylor worked for before he went to prison.

Last year, Malone came back into Will’s life and forced him, Cain and Billy to deliver drugs.

Malone forced Will to work for him again (Credit: ITV)

At the time Will was engaged to Harriet. However she began having an affair with Malone.

When Will’s daughter Dawn found out about the affair, she reported Malone to the police.

After finding out Dawn had gone to the police, he tried to force her into taking her own life by overdosing. If not, he would shoot her.

emmerdale dawn malone
Malone tried to force Dawn to take her own life. But she ended up killing him (Credit: ITV)

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However Harriet walked in and knocked him unconscious. Whilst Harriet and Dawn believed he we dead, Malone got back up and Dawn ended up shooting him when he came after her.

The two women buried him in the grave yard. But is the truth going to come out?

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