Emmerdale’s Harriet in danger as she goes back to Malone says Katherine Dow Blyton

The vicar is playing with fire

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Harriet Finch is in danger as she restarts her affair with DI Malone in Emmerdale next week.

The vicar has been carrying on with the criminal gang boss behind her ex-con boyfriend Will’s back.

Harriet knows her affair will end badly (Credit: ITV)

But with Malone already proven to be dangerous, Harriet has no idea the true danger she is in.

And now, actress Katherine Dow Blyton has told how the affair reveal will not “end well”.

Speaking to press, she said: “Is she frightened of the truth coming out? Yes, she’s terrified.

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“Once you tell a little lie – like she always says to Will – a little lie seeps into a big lie. It’s all lies.

“But here she is, just doing exactly the same thing that she has been berating Will for.

“She’s getting herself in quite a muddle, so I think she knows it’s not going to end well, whatever the end is going to be.”

Will was beaten by Malone’s thugs (Credit: ITV)

But she also added that the vicar thinks she can save the bad boys she’s attracted to.

Katherine said: “I think it’s interesting, because it’ll be very dramatic when it all comes out.

“Because we’d finished the beginning of the ride up the rollercoaster, it’ll be good to now get the momentum going again so we can start screaming, ‘Do you want to go faster?’

“The thing about Will is the constant lies, which have broken down the trust in the relationship. He doesn’t seem to be able to be honest with her.

Why won’t Harriet dump Will?

“With Malone, who doesn’t love a bad boy? Let’s face it, there’s not a great deal of choice in that village! She just thinks maybe that she can save them and put them on the right road. She’s doing a sort of public duty, I feel.”

Katherine also insisted that Harriet was not ending her relationship with Will to protect his daughter Dawn.

She said: “It’s getting very stressful. The thing is that she has never had a family unit and she loves Dawn and Lucas.

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“She wants that, so she is fooling herself that if she can just make this work and pretend this thing with Malone never happened. Then she can bury that away and recreate this family that she has always wanted.

“Harriet doesn’t want to hurt anybody and she doesn’t want to risk Dawn losing Lucas.

“There is so much at stake that she is trying to convince herself that it’s the right thing to do.”

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